Antique and Vintage Lighting

Antique Light Fixtures and Vintage Lighting

Are you looking for the perfect ornate antique chandelier to adorn the ceiling of your dining room? EuroLuxHome has all your lighting needs, offering you one of the largest collections of high-quality antique and vintage lighting in the market. Whether you're searching for antique vintage ceiling lighting or vintage wall light fixtures, we've got your ceiling covered with the best selection of antique lights from around Europe. As a popular antique lighting online store, we offer you a variety of choices, with the experience to ship ANYWHERE. No need to spend hours in the car, going from antique mall after antique store. Just sit back and browse our light fixture inventory from the comfort of your own home and let us ship it directly to your home, packed with care and fully insured.

Elegant Light Fixtures Here

If you're looking to compliment the antique furniture in your house, commercial, or industrial space with antique lighting and vintage lighting, or you're simply a collector of old ceiling fixtures, we assure you we have the best vintage lighting supply. Browse our vast collection of chandelier antiques, antique vintage ceiling lighting, and vintage wall lighting and make your choice. Be assured that you're dealing with the direct importer of European light fixtures, with many years' experience--one of the most reliable and trusted antique dealers online. You'll find all styles and shapes of vintage lighting fixtures, from antique 1920 brass ceiling light fixtures to Art Deco pendant light design to crystal chandeliers and more.

Are you looking to craft your bedroom in a luxurious manner, maybe with a flair for art design? If so, an antique fixture might be just the unique thing for your lighting needs. Consider a brass empire chandelier, a hand-carved and detailed wooden French Country Farmhouse chandelier, or even a Jacobean barley-twist chandelier made from solid oak with a natural time-worn patina finish to complete the look of your hunting cabin. Find these and so many other antique chandeliers for sale in our online store now.

Why Use Antique and Vintage Light Fixtures?

Lighting is one of the most essential and influential forms of home interior decor, especially when the best lighting fixtures and chandeliers are used. When done well, lighting can transform your spaces' overall look and ambiance and highlight your taste for quality living. With diverse styles, shapes, and eras of lighting fixtures, you're sure to make a striking decor statement. Light up your space with a beautiful and mind-blowing antique light fixture, complementing your antique furniture and rugs in any room of your home or office. Antique lighting fixtures are also unique and sets your home apart from your neighbors. You won't find a vintage light fixture like ours at your local big box hardware or home goods store.

Antique Lighting for any Occasion

Most of our European chandeliers at EuroLuxHome have been rewired when necessary with UL-Listed sockets, suitable for American homes. The major difference between a chandelier wired in Europe and one native to the US market is that the base diameter of the typical chandelier-type light bulb in the US is more narrow than a European light socket. If those sockets have been replaced using American-style sockets, an American bulb will work just fine. You can use an edison bulb , led light bulb, led edison bulb, or incandescent bulbs in your kitchen lamp, just as you would in any new chandelier from a big box store.

If the sockets are still the original European sockets, you will have to use a bulb adapter that screws over the US bulb and then you screw both into the chandelier socket. We provide those adapters when needed, and they're perfectly safe for long-term use.

One thing we're asked quite often is whether the wiring itself in the chandelier has to be changed when using it in the US. As you may know, Europe uses 220V electric service, whereas North America uses 110V. The wiring itself really doesn't know the difference and can handle either voltage. The difference is that a European light bulb will only burn half as bright in the US, and an American bulb used in Europe would burn out immediately if used abroad without a transformer due to the higher voltage. For the most part, we re-wire our vintage lighting, just because the old wiring tends to be brittle. It's better safe than sorry, but it's not because of the electric service differences that we do that. It's just so you can enjoy your vintage fixture for many years to come without problems.

Which Antique and Vintage Lighting Styles Are Available?

We have diverse antique lighting styles including:

  • Belgian Light Fixtures with Double-Headed Flemish Eagle Tops
  • French Rococo Pendant Chandeliers with Lampshades on Each Chandelier Bulb
  • Renaissance Chandeliers in Styles like French Hunting, Gothic, Brittany or Breton or Louis XIII
  • Victorian
  • Marie Theresa Crystal Chandeliers

What Materials Does Your Lighting Fixtures Contain?

Our lightings antique are made from different materials. Whatever you're looking for, we've got it.

  • Ceramic, or Ceramic Combined with Metal
  • Solid Metal Brass, Nickel or Bronze
  • Dimpled Glass or Antique Glass Ceiling Light
  • Metal with Fancy Hand-Cut Crystal
  • Cast Iron
  • Solid Wood Chandeliers from Oak, some with a Glass Shade or even in Tiffany Style

How to Identify Original Antique and Vintage Lighting

It's always a challenge to identifying original lighting. Some lighting may appear like an antique, but these reproductions are designed and painted to deceive. To know if your chandelier or any other type of antique lighting is antique, try rubbing the metal firmly with a clean cloth. Check for signs of rust, crusting, and darkened edges to know if it's an antique or not. Also, check for the presence of numbers; these numbers are typical casting marks meant to show the installer how to connect the pieces. You may also find that the wiring is sitting on top of the metal arms of the chandelier, possibly indicating it was originally not an electric fixture, but rather gas-powered. Modern chandeliers almost always have the wiring hidden for aesthetic reasons.

Best Antique and Vintage Lighting in the Market

People always ask us, 'What are the best antique vintage ceiling and wall lighting fixtures?" The most effective way to know the best is by checking the materials they're made from and checking if they're genuine antiques or vintage. Metals, ceramics, glass, or their combinations are highly recommended. You can also tell the quality by the weight. Pick up a chandelier at a big box store and see how light it feels. Compare that to a vintage fixture, and you'll know the quality difference.

EuroLuxHome brings you the best quality antique and vintage lighting. Make a choice and place your order now.

Antique and Vintage Lighting FAQ

01 What types of antique lighting are available at EuroLux?

Some of our finest antique light fixtures are our chandeliers. From Rococo pieces to Victorian lighting, our selection has something for everyone.

02 Can I update my antique lighting?

There are a plethora of options available. Changing the base and lampshade on a table lamp can completely modify the piece. Adding or removing crystals, changing lampshades or candle covers, and changing finishes on chandeliers can all help a piece adapt.

03 Should I rewire my antique European lighting?

When sections wired in Europe are plugged in, they sometimes operate, but they generate far more heat than they are designed to manage, and they eventually fail. The wire gauge, the installation configuration, and the sockets themselves are all unique. Rewiring European parts for safe and dependable usage in the United States is a good idea in our experience, unless they have previously been UL labeled.

04 Why should I use antique lighting?

You are not only recycling, but you are also saving a great number of resources from being utilized in the manufacturing of new lighting, which is good for the environment. Additionally, funds spent on restoration benefit local artisans and small businesses.

05 What type of vintage lighting is available at EuroLux?

Our selection of vintage lighting includes everything from Mid-Century Modern to Contemporary. Whether it's a sleek new table lamp, or a creative chandelier, we've got the perfect piece to shine over your vintage and modern furniture.


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