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EuroLuxHome offers you a broad range of antique vintage beds for sale. From highly carved and detailed Victorian beds to beds hand-crafted from solid wood like walnut, oak or mahogany, you won't find better antique wooden bed frames for sale online anywhere. Quality is key to us, so from headboard to footboard, we guarantee superior craftsmanship in our beautiful beds. Whether it's a French bed, King bed, or Queen bed, we've got you covered. 

Whether you’re looking for a simple antique bed with a fabric-covered headboard or you're looking for a stylish wood bed in the Rococo style, take a look at our antique bed online catalog and make your choice. When it comes to beds, nothing compares to the durable materials, craftsmanship, and detailed design that were common in the 19th century and early 20 century beds. EuroLuxHome is an expert online antique bed dealer, bringing you the best of hand-selected old beds from across Europe. 

Why invest in an Antique Bed?

Science says that humans spend about a third of their time in bed. That means that your bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture someone can own, which is why we believe that everyone deserves a good bed frame, whether it's for a king size bed, queen size bed, twin beds, day bed, or sleigh bed. Why not make your master bedroom as comfy, relaxing, and luxurious as it should be? With our extensive catalog, we can provide antique bed frames for any mattress. We may even have a dresser or nightstand that goes with it! While it is rare to find an antique or vintage bed in king size, as most antique bed sizes were a double bed, most vintage frames can be converted to queen with a little ingenuity or by using standard to queen size converter rails. Using queen size converter rails is typically quite easy. The only downside is that they replace the existing original side rail, but the modification is easily reversed and do not harm the future usability of the side rail. EuroLuxHome can even do this bedframe conversion in house for you, should you require an antique bed frame to be converted to queen.

In the event that you do not wish to convert your antique frame, typical custom mattresses are not much more than their off-the-shelf counterparts. We have a mattress manufacturer convenient to us in West Columbia, SC, and they can hand-create a custom mattress and box spring to suit your size and comfort needs. No matter your personality and how you like your bed frame, we have antique wooden bed frames that’ll suit your decor. 

One thing is sure; our vintage beds are the definition of aesthetic value, structure, and function. They add a touch of royalty and elegance to your room while serving their primary purpose of helping you have a good night’s rest. 

Don’t stress yourself searching for local antique beds for sale online. EuroLuxHome is your go-to antique bed dealer online. We offer quality antique bedroom furniture , and we ship right to your doorstep, no matter where you are. Or, if you're in the area, feel free to visit us in Newberry, SC to see our antiques in person. We know that as soon as you lay eyes on our bed frames, that you'll be thinking about which full mattress or queen mattress should accompany it, and what quilt to use. So what are you waiting for? Adorn your bedroom, or maybe your guest room, with one of our antique frames. 

Why Antique Beds?

Antique beds add an aura of royalty to your bedroom. No matter their size, they have a certain quality, durability, and character no other type of bed has. Whether it's a spindle bed, platform bed, or even a bedroom set, this type of furniture makes a statement. Besides being unique and reflecting class, these beds also serve the primary function of beds and can make you sleep like a baby. If you’re looking for antique furniture to highlight your rich taste in furniture, getting yourself an antique bed is your best step. 


What Types of Antique Beds Are Available?

 We have different types of 20th century pieces including;

-Art Deco

-Louis XVI

-Mahogany Bed

-King Size

-Queen Size

-Metal Beds, such as Iron Beds

-Panel Beds

-Queen Headboards

And more, with styles to fit every size mattress. From slats to marquetry, these pieces are quality.


Which Antique Bed Styles Are Available?

Maybe you're looking for a brass bed. Maybe a California king. Maybe a canopy bed. The point is, you've got options, for all sorts of different mattress sizes- a full size bed for every occasion. 

What Materials Comprise Your Antique Beds? 

We have antique beds of different materials ranging from satinwood down to mahogany and walnut, and these antique bed frames are highlighted by fabric, plastic, silk, iron, and the like. Some of our pieces feature interesting materials such as rosewood. 

 How to Identify Original Antique Beds

 Identification can be a tricky process if you know a little about antiques. We recommend that you look out for cuts and nicks on the edges of the bed’s bottom, back, and side. If there are cuts and scratches, that means the product is likely an antique because the craftsmen used equipment like drawknife and plane while making the beds. 

If you’re looking for the best antique beds in the market, EuroLuxHome is the place to be. We offer you a variety of beds and our products are affordable. 



Antique Beds FAQ

01 How big is an antique 3/4 bed?

A three quarter bed is a bed that measures 48 inches broad by 75 inches long. Many people have these beds in their homes because they were popular in the early to mid 1900s. This is the size of many antique beds.

02 Do antique beds need a box spring?

You'll need to buy a box spring or foundation if your antique bed doesn't come with a slatted or solid base. Because contemporary foundations may sit higher than the frame, most individuals use old, low-profile box springs to support their mattress.

03 How do I know if my bed is antique?

One thing to look for is a maker's mark. Most antique beds will have them. It's a remnant from a time when all furniture was crafted by hand.

04 What should I know when searching for an antique bed?

You may need a custom mattress created for your antique bed. Many were created before the standardization of bed sizes (king size, queen size, etc.).

05 What style of antique beds does carry? carries all the major antique bed styles. Maybe a grandiose, Victorian style bed is in your future. Or consider a Contemporary piece for a sleek yet antique luxury.


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