Antique Dining Chairs and Seating


Explore our wide range of antique dining chairs and seating from circa 1800 to 1900. Whether you're looking for a carved French dining chair set of 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 antique dining chairs for your dining room, our collection of dining chair styles are sure to complement your dining table with their unique elegance. We check each chair seat to make sure the joints are tight, sturdy and ready for your dining or nesting table. We believe that an antique dining chair makes a statement, and we're here to help you make that statement. Every dining table deserves a quality dining room chair to accompany it.

Quality Antique Seating

We source our antique dining chairs from Europe, so we have the style you're looking for to complement your other antique furniture. From a Victorian vintage dining chair, to a set of French carved dining chairs, vintage dining chairs with upholstered seats, antique dining chairs with genuine leather seats, we have it. Our chairs were hand-crafted by the finest artisans and craftsmen of the past and can turn your dining room into the most stylish room in your home. Our pieces use fine materials such as inlaid material, faux leather, and carved walnut. 

Most of our pieces were created in the late 19th century, early 20th century, or mid-century. 

Your dining room is a critical part of your home, where you enjoy delicious meals with your family and friends. Giving it the best interior decor in the form of hand-carved antique dining chairs is the best thing you can do to spice up your dining experience.


Vintage Dining Chairs. We've Got Them All.

Buy classic antique dining chairs from us today and add a perfect revamped look of heritage, character, and high-end luxury to your dining space. Just imagine how the antique dining chair will complement your cabinet, sideboard, antique table, or other room furniture. No matter the material you're looking for, we've got them all. From oak antique dining chairs to upholstered antique dining chairs, solid oak/wood antique dining chairs, mahogany antique dining chairs, rush seat vintage dining chairs and French antique dining chairs, you will not find a better place than EuroLux Home to shop to for antique pieces to complement your antique dining table.

Maybe a set of lounge chairs, rocking chairs, or high back chairs is what you need to enhance your living room. Other options include desk chairs, club chairs, ottomans and more. Wingback chairs crafted from antique wood, bistro chairs crafted from rosewood and more. Each of our chairs provides both comfort and durability. 

Why Antique Dining Chairs and Seating?

Antique dining chairs and dining tables improve the look to your dining space. The artisans that made the different types of antique dining chairs carved them out of solid exotic woods, like walnut, chestnut, oak, mahogany and beech, and are guaranteed to stay strong for years. Then they added arms, upholstery, leather, velvet, silk, or a rush seat to make the antique dining chairs upholstered, vintage dining chairs with arms or leather seats as the case may be. Because of their quality, durability, detailed finishing and eye-catching look, both big and small antique dining chairs have remained popular among individuals with a rich taste in furniture.


Which Antique Dining Chairs and Seating Styles Are Available?

Our hand-carved antique dining chairs and seating styles include:

  • French Gothic
  • 1900s Rococo Louis XV
  • Brittany Style
  • French Hunting Style
  • 1900s Henry II Renaissance
  • Antique Chippendale Chairs
  • Art Deco
  • Louis XVI Style
  • Scandinavian
  • Windsor Chairs
  • Louis XV Style
  • Regency
  • Georgian
  • Farmhouse Dining
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Rattan
  • Art Nouveau
  • Queen Anne
  • Vintage Chairs with Leg Styles like:

    • Cabriole Leg
    • Tapered Legs

What Materials are Found in Your Antique Dining Chairs?

We have chairs and seating antiques made from different materials, including:

  • Oak Dining Chairs
  • Solid Wood Chairs made from Oak, Walnut and Side Chairs in Chestnut and Mahogany
  • Vintage Chairs with an Upholstered Leather Seat or Fabric Upholstery

Whether you're looking for spindle back or Italian, Windsor or mahogany dining chairs, antique French or mid-century modern, has the pieces you need to enhance your home decor. Other antique chair options on our site include accent chairs, office chairs, and dining chairs sets.

Antique Dining Chairs and Seating FAQ

01 How do I tell if a dining chair is antique?

There are a few things to look for. Most pieces of antique furniture have a maker's mark on them. There should be a slight amount of asymmetry to an antique piece, as these were crafted by hand, not machine.

02 What makes a piece of dining furniture antique?

Antique, in furniture terms, is anything over 100 years old. At EuroLux, we have a wide selection of antique dining furniture. And if you want something more recent, we have vintage and modern furniture that demonstrates quality handmade craftsmanship too!

03 Do dining chairs have to match?

First and foremost, remember that your seats do not need to match your table. They don't even have to match, as long as they all fit beneath your dining table comfortably.

04 How much space should I leave between dining chairs?

Allow a minimum of 24 inches between chairs, measured from the seat's center point. If each seat is 18 inches wide, for example, a minimum of 6 inches between chairs will offer enough elbow room.

05 What styles of antique dining chairs does offer?

We have a dining chair for every occasion. Whether you're in the market for Victorian, Biedermeier, or Louis XV dining seating, you've come to the right place.


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