Antique Dining Tables and Nightstands


Get the best deals on antique dining tables and nightstands from EuroLuxHome. We have a wide range of antique dining tables and antique nightstands, including French antique nightstands, antique nightstands with marble tops, antique farmhouse tables, and vintage oak nightstands. If you're looking for the best antique tables and nightstands online, our hand-selected collection of nightstands and dining tables antique are sure to capture your imagination with their unique styles, shapes, and designs. We are the direct importer from France, so you'll never be dealing with a middle-man, making our trestle tables and nightstands the best value anywhere.

We source our products from around Europe to ensure we provide the best antique dining tables, antique nightstands, and bedside tables. Our products are made from quality solid wood and feature handcrafted mortise and tenon joinery by the finest artisans and craftsmen from centuries past. 

Nothing beats pulling up your dining chair and having a nice meal at an antique dining table or having a well-designed nightstand near your bed when you go to sleep and when you wake up. These antique furniture pieces can turn your dining room or bedroom into the most stylish rooms in your home. Spice up your experience by giving your space the best interior decor in the form of our hand-carved vintage nightstands art deco

No matter the type or style of antique dining tables and nightstands you're looking for, we've got them all. If you're searching for antique nightstands for sale near me, you can order from us now, and we'll deliver right to your doorstep no matter where you are around the world. We ship everywhere, safely packed and fully-insured. Leave the shipping of your refectory table to us.

While you're here, pull up a chair and search for the perfect modern chairs or solid oak antique chairs to complement your dining space. You'll have the most unique dining area on your block to host dinner parties when you select a round French hunting style dining pedestal table, with legs adorned with hand-carved animals celebrating the hunt from centuries ago, surrounded by barley twist dining chairs with cane or upholstered seats. We also have a wide selection of sideboards and antique buffets to fill out the rest of your dining area. And if you're in need of an impressive chandelier hanging over your dining table, we have those, too!

Upgrade your home by spicing it up to showcase your character, heritage, or your high-end luxury tastes.

Why Antique Tables and Nightstands?

Why not antique dining tables and nightstands?

Antique nightstands and tables are known to serve the purpose of decorating your room and as functional bedside tables. These little antique tables can make the difference between having a cluttered and decluttered room. The way they help you keep your essentials within an arm's reach is second to none. Why not make the most of them? Besides their use and aesthetic value, these pieces of antique furniture are made from the best of quality exotic woods; this makes them durable enough to last you for years and become a family heirloom for future generations. Their quality, value, and highly-detailed finish are among the reasons people with great taste in antique furniture choose antiques over new furniture.

What Types of Antique Tables and Nightstands Are Available?

We sell different types of antique dining tables and nightstands, with each one having a unique style.

Begin creating a unique dining set with a table like the following as its centerpiece:

  • Refectory Table
  • Trestle Table
  • Vintage Table Featuring Turned Legs
  • Rustic Dining Table
  • Antique Dining Table with a Pedestal Base
  • Round Table with Highly-Carved Accents
  • Rectangular Table
  • Draw Leaf Table with a Tapered Leg, or Cabriole Foot

Which Antique Tables and Nightstand Styles Are Available?

We sell diverse antique tables and nightstands, including:

  • Antique Farmhouse Tables
  • Farmhouse/French Country
  • Renaissance
  • Rococo/Louis XV
  • Gothic
  • French Hunting Style
  • Brittany
  • Louis XVI

What Materials Comprise Your Antique Tables and Nightstands?

We have dining tables and nightstand antiques made from different materials, including:

  • Antique oak tables and nightstands
  • Antique mahogany nightstands
  • Vintage nightstands with marble tops
  • Antique walnut nightstands and tables

How Do I Know if My Dining Table Is Antique?

When it comes to determining if a dining table or nightstand is antique, the style of the furniture can often help identify the time period when the table was produced. Each period has its unique style, and identifying these styles in antique furniture helps you know whether yours is an antique table. Styles often ran in 50- or 100-year cycles, and around the time of the Industrial Revolution, furniture buyers began wanting antique reproductions of styles they had seen from centuries before. Look for dovetailed joints or mortise and tenon joinery, which are a popular sign that a piece of furniture is antique. An apron hand-carved and attached to the table top by a flat-head screw can also indicate age.

Antique Dining Tables and Nightstands FAQ

01 What styles of antique dining tables are available at EuroLux?

At EuroLux, our collection of dining tables is immense. Each piece is crafted to the highest standard. From Louis XV to Traditional, Victorian, Georgian and more, we've got a style for every taste.

02 Where should I put my antique nighstand?

Nightstands are most commonly put on either side of your bed. However, a smal table with a drawer has applications in all sorts of places. Don't be afraid to be creative!

03 Do round tables take up less space?

Keep in mind that round tables take up less space in a tiny house or dining area. Because they have a lower surface area than their rectangular counterparts, they may readily fit into narrower areas.

04 How much space should I leave around my dining table?

Allow 24 inches of room for each person gathered around your table as a basic rule of thumb. The majority of side chairs are 16" to 24" wide, with arm chairs up to 30" wide.

05 Does offer antique and vintage dining tables?

We offer antique, vintage and modern dining tables. Even though we're antique furniture specialists, we can appreciate good modern craftsmanship. We only buy a piece if it meets our high standards.


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