Antique and Vintage Religious Treasures

Religious Treasures

EuroLux offers you one of the largest collections of antique religious artifacts for sale online. Whether you’re searching for affordable antique sacred treasures, antique and vintage crucifixes, antique and vintage vestments, or holy relics for sale, we’ve got you covered with the best from around the world. We’re a premier religious artifact store online, and we’ve been in the industry for years providing antique religious artifacts for antique sacred treasure lovers. 

Religious antiques have historical value and are ornate and elaborate, which is why they’re highly sought after in the vintage and antique industry. Whether you’re an antique religious relics lover or a collector of antique religious artifacts, we offer you a variety of the choicest vintage sacred objects online from which to choose. 

Browse our collection of religious treasures, antique crucifixes, antique statues of Mary, vintage vestments, processional banners, and the like, and make your choice. When you buy religious artifacts from us, you’re assured of doing business with the best among reliable and trusted providers of antique religious items for sale online.

Why Antique and Vintage Religious Treasures?

Religious treasures were famous in past centuries and were used in the decoration of religious houses and homes. Besides religious houses, these beautiful treasures were used to adorn and add hints of spirituality, character, and luxury to homes that appreciate what religious items represent.

Today, they’re still highly coveted by people who understand the quality of antique religious artifacts. A living space decorated with antique religious objects is one of the most adorable things to behold. Beautifying your apartment with these sacred pieces not only makes your apartment beautiful and charming, but they also bring a sense of serenity and create instant history in your home.

The Perfect Decor to Express Your Faith

They reflect a love for spirituality, evoke an impression of peace in a home, and highlights that your home is your sanctuary. Besides, their undeniable beauty and nature tell a story that makes people wonder about the history of the artifact.

We’ve got different types and styles of religious artifacts from diverse religions; everything you need to make a resounding statement with your home décor. If you’re searching for the best antique sacred treasures shop online, you’re at the right place.  From decorative pillows to perosnalized figurines, wall signs and more, we've got you covered. 

What Types of Antique and Vintage Religious Treasures Are Available?

We have different types of antique and vintage religious artifacts for sale, including antique crucifixes, Mary statue antiques, vintage vestments, processionals banners, antique Madonna statues, prayer chairs, holy water fonts, and the like.  

We have a variety of wall decor options, including wall art such as wall crosses. These pieces of christian wall decor can be a great fit in your living room, dining room, or bedroom, and are some of our best sellers for a reason. They could even be used as a piece of kitchen decor!

If christian wall art isn't your thing, we also offer statues of Jesus, which would be perfectly displayed next to a bible on your bookshelf! Christian home decor like this can be great as a Christian gift for someone with God in their life. We think these pieces could work well on your tabletop as well. Just imagine how lovely it would be to see a Christian cross as you eat your daily bread. Whether it's an art print, wall hanging, wall decal, or statue, these pieces are sure to remind you of your favorite psalm or bible verse.  

Maybe one of our collectible nativity scenes could make a perfect housewarming gift! Or perhaps some religious art could be a great piece of home office decor. 

From What Materials Are Your Antique and Vintage Religious Treasures Made?

Our antique religious treasures are made from different materials including;

  • Ceramic
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Ceramic/Wood/Metal Composites
  • Chalk ware
  • Metal/Wood Composites
  • Rattan
  • Wood/Nickel Composites 

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Antique and Vintage Religious Treasures?

If you’re looking for the best place to buy antique and vintage religious treasures online, EuroLux is the right place. We sell durable antique religious artifacts of different styles, materials, and colors, and we ship directly to your doorstep. Whether you're looking for gift ideas, or special offers on a hand painted Jesus Christ statue, has you covered with the products to create an inspirational home.

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Antique and Vintage Religious Treasures FAQ

01 Where can I find religious decor online? has a wide variety of religious decor. Whether you're in the market for a hanging cross, antique prayer chair or other piece of fine interior design, you've come to the right place.

02 What are some examples of antique religious treasures?

Religious treasures can be all sorts of things. The term could mean anything from statues to beautifully crafted crucifixes and standing crosses.


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  1. Sculpture Statue Madonna Antique French Religious Chalkware 1900 Large

    SKU: 22-146

    39H x 10W x 9.50D

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  2. Processional Banner Religious Silk Saint Lambert Liege Quentin Amiens Antique

    SKU: 22-343

    65H x 37W x 0.25D

    view details
  3. Crucifix Religious Snake Mary and John Snake Consummatum Est It is Finished

    SKU: 22-150

    21.75H x 10.25W x 3D

    view details
  4. Antique Crucifix Cross Religious Consummatum Est - It is Finished Mary and John

    SKU: 22-288

    17.75H x 7.50W x 2.75D

    view details
  5. Vintage Sculpture Religious Our Lady Notre Dame Madonna Mary of Lourdes Antique

    SKU: 22-324

    25.75H x 6.75W x 5.75D

    view details
  6. Antique Sculpture Religious Madonna Mother And Child Jesus Off-White Gold Blue

    SKU: 22-155

    16.50H x 15W x 7.50D

    view details
  7. Antique Crucifix Cross Religious Mary and John Jesus Brass Hammered Wood

    SKU: 22-287

    17.50H x 7W x 3.25D

    view details
  8. Statue Religious Sculpture Madonna Our Lady of Victory French Chalkware Blue

    SKU: 22-227

    18.50H x 16.75W x 6.50D

    view details
  9. Antique Crucifix Cross Religious Gothic Styling Fleur De Lis Jesus Large Brass

    SKU: 22-330

    18.25H x 9.50W x 5.50D

    view details
  10. Antique Crucifix Cross Religious Tramp Art Skull and Crossbones Torture

    SKU: 22-274

    20.50H x 8.25W x 4.50D

    view details
  11. Antique Crucifix Cross Religious Mary and John Large Bronze Gold Metal Bra

    SKU: 22-255

    17.75H x 7.50W x 6.50D

    view details
  12. Antique Framed Crucifix Cross Religious Gold Blue Black White/Cream Polished

    SKU: 22-147

    15.50H x 13W x 3.30D

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