Antique Armoires and Cabinets

Antique Armoires

Antique armoires and cabinets have been used for years for storing everything from arms to clothing items, electronics and books. Besides serving as a storage space, an armoire is a perfect way to decorate your interior space in a way that expresses your quality taste in antique furniture. One of these pieces would be a great way to add style do your bedroom furniture. From inlaid pine armoires to rosewood sideboard, you're bound to be satisfied.

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Antique Armoires and Cabinets FAQ

01 What is an armoire?

An armoire is a large, spacious cupboard. Although their storage space is mostly used for clothes, it's also very popular to use them other items. Some are even repurposed and used as gun cabinets.

02 What is the difference between an armoire and a wardrobe?

Armoires are generally larger. Armoires also frequently feature shelving, while wardrobes usually don't, in order to preserve space for hanging clothes. Both can be used in generally the same way.

03 Does offer antique armoires?

We offer both antique and modern armoires. Whether you prefer Louis XV, Victorian, or French Country furniture, our selection has something for you.


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  1. Bookcase Mechelen Renaissance Oak Vintage 1930 Stained Glass Shields 4-Door

    SKU: 22-5B

    83.75H x 55W x 22.75D

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  2. Corner Cabinet Antique French Hunting Renaissance Oak 1880 1-Door 1-Drawer

    SKU: 23-35

    71.25H x 34W x 22.25D

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  3. Antique Display Cabinet Brittany French Glass Door Ship Wheels Chestnut Narrow

    SKU: 24-11

    71.25H x 31W x 17.50D

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  4. Chest of Drawers Hunting French Renaissance 1880 Heavily Carved Oak Brown Marble

    SKU: 24-22

    37.50H x 53W x 23.50D

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  5. Bookcase Renaissance 1890 Antique French Carved Walnut Face Glass Doors

    SKU: 24-25

    110H x 60.25W x 20.50D

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  6. Antique Bookcase French Hunting Style Renaissance Carved Oak Arts Animal 6-Door

    SKU: 24-3

    95.75H x 72.25W x 22.50D

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  7. Bookcase Antique French Renaissance Hunting Style 1880 Oak Carved Animal Glass

    SKU: 24-35

    102H x 54.25W x 21.75D

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  8. Cabinet Brittany Antique French 1900 Chestnut Wood Carved Figures 2-Door Drawer

    SKU: 24-37

    39.50H x 37.50W x 18.75D

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  9. Bookcase Louis XV Antique French Rococo 1880 Carved Shells Walnut Glass 2-Doors

    SKU: 24-40

    98.50H x 55.75W x 22D

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  10. China Cabinet Louis XV French Rococo 1920 Walnut, Pink Marble, Glass, Mirror

    SKU: 24-42C

    68H x 33.50W x 17.25D

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  11. Bookcase Brittany Antique French 1880 Carved Country People Figures Glass 2-Door

    SKU: 24-45

    97H x 49.75W x 18.75D

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  12. Armoire Antique French Country Farmhouse 1900 Large Solid Oak Floral Roses Brass

    SKU: 3-47-0

    86.50H x 66W x 25.50D

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