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Welcome to the EuroLuxHome antique desks page, where we offer you a wide selection of vintage and antique desks. Because of their durability and functional and amazing aesthetic qualities, vintage desks have been used over the years as a focal point of a functional home office. On this page, you’ll find varieties of antique desks for sale, from a unique pedestal desk, victorian desk, secretary desk, writing desk, or partners ...

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Antique Desks FAQ

01 Where should I put my home office furniture?

One of the most typical places to install one is behind the sofa, but it can also be used in place of a console table beside a window or along a wall. If you're concerned about clutter, get a desk with built-in cabinets or construct storage and hide your office supplies and documents with beautiful baskets or boxes.

02 Should my desk face the wall?

Some people like to have their desk facing the wall because it reduces distractions by preventing them from looking out the window or watching people pass by. Depending on the size of your workspace, facing the wall may enclose you in a cramped, claustrophobic nook.

03 Should my antique desk be near the window?

Why working from a home office workstation with a window reduces productivity: The sun is brighter outside than on your computer screen (even on a cloudy day), making it more difficult to view the screen and creating eye strain and headaches. The view outside your window can be distracting, causing you to lose focus or daydream.


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  1. Desk Antique French Hunting Renaissance 1880 Carved Oak Wood Barley Twists

    SKU: 23-39

    30.50H x 62.75W x 35.50D

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  2. Vintage French Country Carved Oak Secretary, Golden Oak Finish

    SKU: 15-57

    40.50H x 35.50W x 19D

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  3. Vintage French Secretary Desk, Quartersawn Golden Oak, Carved, Louis XV Style

    SKU: 15-59

    38H x 47W x 17D

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  4. Desk Hunting Renaissance Antique French 1880 Carved Oak, Barley Twists, Animal

    SKU: 21-2

    51.25H x 53W x 29D

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  5. Desk and Chair Louis XV Rococo Vintage 1950 Oak Wood Office

    SKU: 21-62C

    30.25H x 58.50W x 38.50D

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Showing: 1-5 of 5 results

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