Antique Dining Tables and Nightstands


Get the best deals on antique dining tables and nightstands from EuroLuxHome. We have a wide range of antique dining tables and antique nightstands, including French antique nightstands, antique nightstands with marble tops, antique farmhouse tables, and vintage oak nightstands. If you're ...

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Antique Dining Tables and Nightstands FAQ

01 What styles of antique dining tables are available at EuroLux?

At EuroLux, our collection of dining tables is immense. Each piece is crafted to the highest standard. From Louis XV to Traditional, Victorian, Georgian and more, we've got a style for every taste.

02 Where should I put my antique nighstand?

Nightstands are most commonly put on either side of your bed. However, a smal table with a drawer has applications in all sorts of places. Don't be afraid to be creative!

03 Does offer antique and vintage dining tables?

We offer antique, vintage and modern dining tables. Even though we're antique furniture specialists, we can appreciate good modern craftsmanship. We only buy a piece if it meets our high standards.


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  1. Table French Renaissance Hunting Antique 1880 Oak Fox Deer Dog Boar Animals Oval

    SKU: 22-353

    29H x 51W x 44D

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  2. Antique Nightstand French Provencial Country Oak Floral Carvings 1920

    SKU: 25-40

    38.50H x 27.50W x 17.75D

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  3. Dining Table French Country Vintage Farmhouse Wood Plank Top Reclaimed Oak Teak

    SKU: AG-19-0

    31H x 63W x 35.25D

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  4. 1950 Vintage French Table Renaissance Style Chunky Oak Wood Extending

    SKU: 18-30B

    29.50H x 66.75W x 43.25D

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  5. Vintage Dining Table Louis XV French Rococo Refectory Oak Wood Parquetry 1930

    SKU: 20-12

    29.25H x 58.25W x 39D

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  6. Vintage Accent Table Carved Courtiers Renaissance Fish Tail Feet Green Marble

    SKU: 20-16

    21.50H x 28W x 28D

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  7. Vintage Coffee Table Courtiers Renaissance Fish Tail Feet Green Marble Iron

    SKU: 20-17

    19.50H x 42.50W x 27.50D

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  8. Table Renaissance Mahogany Vintage French 1950 Extending Leaf Wood Metal

    SKU: 20-18

    31.50H x 70.50W x 38D

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  9. Table Antique French Hunting Renaissance Oak 1880 Pedestal Ornate Carved Beasts

    SKU: 21-11

    29.50H x 53W x 42.25D

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  10. Table Louis XV Rococo French Vintage 1930 Oak Wood Parquet Top Cabriole Legs

    SKU: 21-15B

    29.75H x 58W x 43D

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Showing: 1-12 of 18 results

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