Antique Sideboards and Buffets


Antique sideboards and antique buffets have been used for years to arrange items in an organized way. Before now, a beautiful and functional vintage sideboard or antique buffet was normally used as dining room furniture for arranging dishes and utensils while serving guests. In recent times, they've also been used as antique furniture, doubling as kitchen cabinets, in-house bars, entertainment centers or as extra storage in master bedrooms where ...

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Antique Sideboards and Buffets FAQ

01 What is a sideboard?

Sideboards are versatile pieces of furniture with a flat top and cabinets for storage. They are often used in the kitchen, traditionally to store dishes and linens. At EuroLux, we have antique sideboards in virtually every style.

02 What's the difference between a sideboard and buffet?

They are basically the same thing. Buffets are exclusively used in dining settings, whereas sideboards have applications in bedrooms and entryways.

03 What antique buffet and sideboard styles does have?

Anything from Louis XV, Victorian, and more. Not all of our sideboards are antique. We also offer modern pieces from respected furniture makers such as Jonathan Charles.


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  1. Buffet Server Renaissance Carved Walnut Fruits Flourishes Antique French 1900

    SKU: 22-349

    100.50H x 73W x 23.25D

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  2. Rococo Sideboard Louis XV Antique French 1890 Walnut 3-Doors 3-Drawer

    SKU: 22-351

    38.25H x 78.75W x 27.75D

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  3. Buffet Henry II Renaissance Walnut Wood Majestic Antique French 1900 Glass Door

    SKU: 22-355A

    101H x 51W x 24D

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  4. Buffet Gothic Antique French 1850 Oak Wood Handsomely Carved 4-Door 2-Drawer

    SKU: 22-356

    92H x 53.50W x 19D

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  5. Buffet Louis XV Rococo 1890 Walnut Wood Glass Doors Carved Flourish

    SKU: 22-360

    109.50H x 62.75W x 22.50D

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  6. Buffet Art Nouveau Antique French 1900 Beautiful Carved Walnut 5-Door 2-Drawer

    SKU: 23-3A

    96.75H x 67W x 23.75D

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  7. Server Sideboard Antique French Renaissance 1890 Carved Walnut Cornucopia Marble

    SKU: 23-3B

    85H x 51.25W x 20.50D

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  8. Antique Buffet Brittany French Heavily Carved Chestnut Figures Dancing Music

    SKU: 23-49

    105H x 59.25W x 23.75D

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  9. Antique Server Sideboard Brittany Chestnut French Heavily Carved Figures 1890

    SKU: 23-50

    81H x 51.25W x 21.75D

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  10. Antique Cabinet Hunting Renaissance Lions Red Green Stained Glass Green Oak

    SKU: 24-12

    98.50H x 52W x 23D

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  11. Server Sideboard Antique French Hunting 1890 Carved Wood Winged Beasts Twists

    SKU: 24-18

    64H x 46W x 18.50D

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  12. Buffet Sideboard Antique Louis XV French Rococo 1900 Carved Walnut Glass Mirrors

    SKU: 24-2

    103.50H x 61.75W x 23.50D

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Showing: 1-12 of 79 results

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