This antique prayer kneeler is a fine piece of devotional furniture. This type of furniture is also known as a prie dieu, which means "pray to God" in French. As you might be able to guess from its construction and name, this piece is designed to give you a luxurious place to pray! Every piece of antique furniture has its purpose. Some are made to store dishes, others are made to create a comfortable area in the home. Prie-Dieu prayer kneelers are a bit rarer but serve an important purpose nonetheless. This piece provides functionality and beauty to any Christian home decor. 

This antique French kneeler was beautifully handcrafted in walnut sometime in the late 19th century or early 20th century. If you follow antique furniture at all, you'll notice the trend of solid oak and walnut construction. This is because these are 2 sturdy woods that were in abundance in Europe. It is in excellent condition and looks as good as the day it was crafted a century ago. 

Walnut Prie Dieu

This French antique kneeler was crafted in the Gothic style, which is one of our favorites and a favorite among our customers. It's a perfect style for a Prie-Dieu to have, since the Gothic style came about in cathedrals! 

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Gothic furniture is distinguished by extravagant, one-of-a-kind artwork that incorporates Gothic architectural characteristics. Gothic furniture was intended to complement this architectural style, which is connected with church design. Gargoyles, flying buttresses, and quatrefoil and trefoil shapes are all common design elements in the furniture. Other features of this kind of furniture are pointed arches, tracery, heavy textiles, and heavy woods. 

Gothic Style Prayer Kneeler

Gothic furniture features ornate carvings, beautiful paintings, and elaborate sculptures and is thought to have originated in churches in the 13th century. The furniture, which was once featured in aristocratic homes, has changed over time and now boasts intricate, cathedral-style adornment. The furniture was quite popular in the Middle Ages, and often mirrored aspects in Gothic architecture on a much smaller scale.

Gothic Style at

The majority of the furniture is huge and solid, with deep, dark colors. In the Gothic style, sideboards and enormous chests protected and held valuables. The feudal lords were continually at war during the time, thus the furniture had to be moved around. To make things easier, designers incorporated chair backs and feet to chests. Tables, cupboards, seats, and beds have evolved over time to have a variety of beautiful motifs and distinct personalities. To learn more about the Gothic style, check out this encyclopedia entry.

This walnut Prie Dieu Gothic kneeler is in more than good condition. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] to discuss pricing and shipping options if you're interested!