Antique Sideboards and Buffets


Antique sideboards and antique buffets have been used for years to arrange items in an organized way. Before now, a beautiful and functional vintage sideboard or antique buffet was normally used as dining room furniture for arranging dishes and utensils while serving guests. In recent times, they've also been used as antique furniture, doubling as kitchen cabinets, in-house bars, entertainment centers or as extra storage in master bedrooms where they add sophistication and a unique flair.

Quality Sideboard Cabinets

If you value class and style, then adding an antique buffet server to your dining area, kitchen, in-house bar, or master bedroom is a perfect way to showcase your taste for the finer things in life. Whether it's an antique mahogany server, walnut sideboard, antique oak sideboard or marble top buffet sideboard, these vintage sideboards and buffets provide both high-class design and the extra storage space via shelving you need in your living space. 

High Quality and Highly Functional

If you're searching for a circa 19th century antique sideboard buffet for sale near you or looking to spice up your living space with a vintage oak wood sideboard, EuroLuxHome is your go-to antique and vintage furniture seller online. We ship our antique furniture sideboards and buffets to different parts of the world. If you're on the West Coast, any other part of the US, or anywhere in the world, be assured we'll deliver your antique sideboard buffet cabinet right to your doorstep.

What exactly is a sideboard?

An antique sideboard often called an antique buffet cabinet is a furniture piece originally used mostly in a dining room to serve food and layout serving dishes. This means that they can be the perfect complement to a quality dining table. Besides serving as antique dining room sideboards and buffets, this multipurpose furniture also serves as storage space in kitchens, bedrooms, the living room or as in-home bar cabinets, where an adjustable shelf or two behind a cabinet door and multiple dovetailed drawers are a welcome storage addition. Some customers also opt to convert a vintage buffet into bathroom vanity cabinets by adding sinks and a marble or granite top. 

Lacquers, Inlays and more!

Others opt to use chalk paint, and paint them to match their bedroom suite, giving an antique buffet makeover to be used as a unique dresser. There is no limit what you can do with a painted piece. We've even had customers use them as a bookcase or china cabinet! The possibilities are endless. We've even seen some customers use a large wood sideboard antique piece as a credenza, as a complement to their home office desk, providing just the extra storage space you need with its wood cabinet.

Why Use An Antique Credenza and or Antique Buffet

Antique French Country sideboards and buffets or any other type of sideboard buffets have both decorative and functional uses. They became popular in the 1800s and are used today to add elegance and style to rooms. They're highly durable, many an oak buffet being made from solid wood and featuring dovetail joints, with rare detailed designs and attractive looks, vintage sideboards and buffets are a beautiful piece of furniture you should have in your home if you love being unique. Some customers even place a classic antique buffet in entryways as a statement to their visitors when they first enter the home.

Best Antique Sideboards and Buffets

The best antique sideboards and buffets have been a popular question among antique lovers and shoppers. As expert antique and vintage furniture sellers, we recommend that our buyer pay particular attention to the craftsmanship and the sideboard or buffet's material. Solid oak, walnut, marble, and mahogany sideboards and French buffets, among others, are highly recommended. You can also consider the furniture's finishing before buying. An expertly applied hand wax finish will help protect the patina of cupboard for years to come.

We wrote a post about one of our favorite antique sideboards here. Check it out if you're interested!

What Types of Antique Sideboards and Buffets Are Available?

Our antique sideboards and buffets for sale, include:

  • Buffet
  • Sideboard
  • Cabinet and Hutch
  • Server
  • Cupboard
  • Huntboard

Which Antique Sideboard and Buffet Styles Are Available?

Available styles include:

  • French Provincial or French Country Antique Sideboards and Buffets
  • Renaissance Style like Henry II or Mechelen
  • Rococo 
  • Georgian
  • Louis XV 
  • Louis XVI
  • Louis Philippe or Biedermeier
  • Gothic 
  • Brittany or Breton Style
  • Art Nouveau
  • Arts and Crafts 
  • Regency
  • Traditional Style
  • Mid-Century Modern
  • Victorian
  • Inlaid
  • Queen Anne
  • Art Deco

What materials are used to create our antique buffets/ sideboards?

Our products' materials include:

  • Marble
  • Mahogany
  • Carved Walnut
  • Marble
  • Solid Oak
  • Cherry
  • Chestnut
  • Rosewood
  • Brass Hardware

How Do You Identify an Antique Sideboard and Buffet?

To identify antique sideboards and buffets, look out for some signs. Check the bottom, side, and back of the sideboard's drawer for nicks and cuts. If these are present, it means it was probably hand-hewn or planed in by master craftsmen from in the 18th century, 19th century, or 20th century. 

EuroLuxHome brings you the best quality antique sideboards and buffets. Make a choice and place your order now. We're shipping experts and ship everywhere!

Antique Sideboards and Buffets FAQ

01 What is a sideboard?

Sideboards are versatile pieces of furniture with a flat top and cabinets for storage. They are often used in the kitchen, traditionally to store dishes and linens. At EuroLux, we have antique sideboards in virtually every style.

02 What's the difference between a sideboard and buffet?

They are basically the same thing. Buffets are exclusively used in dining settings, whereas sideboards have applications in bedrooms and entryways.

03 What antique buffet and sideboard styles does have?

Anything from Louis XV, Victorian, and more. Not all of our sideboards are antique. We also offer modern pieces from respected furniture makers such as Jonathan Charles.

04 How should I use my sideboard?

Antique sideboards were the preferred furniture for exhibiting family china and silverware. That was before the invention of television. Most people nowadays utilize sideboards as TV stands as well as storage.

05 When did sideboard become popular?

Sideboards were first seen in Britain in the 1770s, thanks to Scots architect and furniture designer Robert Adam.


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