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At, our selection of antique furniture is among the finest on the market. Whether you're looking for a French piece of furniture, piece of 19th century or 20th century English furniture and more, we've got you covered. We have decades of furniture experience, so we can recognize quality antique furniture when we see it! Each of our high-quality antique and vintage pieces is built to last- these home furnishings have withstood the test of time. 

Lovely Furniture Here

From dining room furniture with an inlay or marble top, to bookcases, coffee tables and more, our furniture gives you options for any style. You will notice the stellar craftsmanship adorning these pieces, making them works of art. You will notice the expertise of the cabinet makers who crafted our sideboards and other pieces of home decor. Your interior design deserves the best antique and new furniture that the market has to offer, and we take pride in offering it. From vintage furniture for your living room, or rare furniture styles that you can't find at other furniture stores, we've got you covered. From chandeliers to inlaid side tables featuring marquetry, we've got what you need.

Our selection of dining room furniture is lovely as well. Whether you choose a dining table or dining chairs, the quality is sure to impress. Dining room furniture is important. It decorates the space where you share memories with close ones, and long conversations! It's best to do all these things surrounded by high-quality furniture. And that's just what we provide. 

Styles of Furniture

At, we understand that our customers have different styles. That's why we try to find so many different kinds of solid wood furniture. Perhaps the Victorian era of decor could enhance your space. Maybe Art Deco furniture can scratch your creative itch. Other styles include Georgian, Queen Anne, Regency, Chippendale, French Provincial, Gothic, Mid-Century Modern, and more!

We truly have high-end furniture for any taste. Whether you're looking for your next family heirloom, or something to turn your home into a showroom, we've got you covered. Browse our selection today to view a wide range of products suited for any needs. We've applied our decades of furniture experience to find the best pieces available. Feel free to reach out via our chat window for help! We'd be happy to answer any questions, or guide you towards the perfect furniture. Thanks for stopping by, and happy browsing!

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Antique & Vintage FAQ

01 How can you tell if wood furniture is high quality?

A good quality piece of furniture should be scratch resistant; if it dents readily, the furniture will not last very long. To test this, draw a line with your fingernail on an unexposed region and observe if it makes a visible depression.

02 Is oak a good material for antique furniture?

Yes, there is a resounding yes to this question. Oak has a few possible downsides, but it is a great choice for furniture in general.

03 What makes a piece of furniture antique?

According to Merriam Webster, an antique is ?a work of art, piece of furniture, or decorative object made at an earlier period and according to various customs laws at least 100 years ago.?

04 How do I identify my furniture?

Examine the drawer's bottom, sides, and back for nicks or cuts; if the wood has nicks or cuts, it was most likely cut with a plane, spokeshave, or drawknife. A piece with straight saw marks is also likely to be old. If there are round or arc-shaped marks on the wood, it was cut with a circular saw, which was not widely used until around 1860.

05 How do you tell if furniture is Mid-Century?

Clean lines, open sides, and classic designs define mid-century furniture. If a piece appears elaborate or contains what appears to be unnecessary elements, proceed with care. Solid woods, such as teak, elm, beech, and rosewood, are frequently used in mid-century furniture.


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  1. Buffet Louis XV Rococo 1890 Walnut Wood Glass Doors Carved Flourish

    SKU: 22-360

    109.50H x 62.75W x 22.50D

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  2. Armoire Antique French Country Farmhouse 1900 Large Solid Oak Floral Roses Brass

    SKU: 3-47-0

    86.50H x 66W x 25.50D

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  3. Buffet Louis XV Rococo Antique French 1880 Walnut Beautifully Carved Wood Glass

    SKU: 24-34A

    102.50H x 65W x 25.50D

    view details
  4. Pair Large Italian Statues Hand-Crafted Majolica Ceramic Signed Ceccerelli

    SKU: P-48

    66H x 28W x 15.25D

    view details
  5. Antique Buffet Renaissance Cherubs Server Sideboard Walnut French 1890

    SKU: 25-25

    100.50H x 69.75W x 23.75D

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  6. Large Antique Buffet Server 1800, French Country Oak, Carved Rosettes, Wood Peg

    SKU: 16-61C

    87H x 96W x 22D

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  7. Pair Italian Majolica Blackamoore Black Moors, Hand-Painted, Vibrantly Colorful

    SKU: P-47

    52H x 11W x 11.25D

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  8. Server Sideboard Hunting Renaissance Antique French 1880 Carved Walnut Birds

    SKU: 24-41

    92.50H x 62W x 24.25D

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  9. Buffet Sideboard Antique Louis XV French Rococo 1900 Carved Walnut Glass Mirrors

    SKU: 24-2

    103.50H x 61.75W x 23.50D

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  10. Sideboard Louis XV French Rococo 1920 Carved Walnut Shell, Red Pink Marble Top

    SKU: 24-42A

    40.50H x 91.75W x 22.75D

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  11. Buffet Server Renaissance Carved Walnut Fruits Flourishes Antique French 1900

    SKU: 22-349

    100.50H x 73W x 23.25D

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  12. Buffet Renaissance Antique French Walnut Wood Carved Courtier Head Glass Door

    SKU: 22-24A

    100H x 71W x 23.25D

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Showing: 1-12 of 298 results

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