Antiques Buying Trip Belgium: Vintage Chandeliers

Antiques Buying Trip antique buying trip in europe majolica chandelier vintage vintage candlestick holders carved wood furniture
Antiques Buying Trip Belgium: Vintage Chandeliers

The next stop on our antiques buying trip in Europe was Belgium, which Greg calls his second home. I already wrote about our travels around France as we hunted for antique treasures to ship home to the USA, and you can read our last French antiques-hunting blog post here. As we drove our rented van into Belgium, we guessed we'd have an interesting time ahead of us, and we did. Well, Greg and his muscles did...

Finding Belgian vintage chandeliers

We were very happy to find some treasure troves of antique and vintage chandeliers.  Soon the numbers mounted up....

Antique Chandleliers from Belgium

As Greg said (sang): "30 chandeliers on a pile in the van, 30 chandeliers on a pile, take one down and sell it online... 29 chandeliers on a pile in the van."  By the time we finished buying vintage chandeliers in Belgium, we had 85 chandeliers in the back of the van!

antique Renaissance dining set

I also bought the largest blue Delft vase we've ever seen - 2 1/2 feet tall! And I love all the details in this amazing antique Renaissance dining set with a Gothic iron chandelier. We bought it all to ship back to the USA because we know our customers will love these pieces.

antique buffet carving

This is a close-up of one of the carvings on the enormous antique Renaissance buffet. You will notice how fine the detail is. You can almost see the movement in the gentleman's tunic.

Gothic iron chandelier

The iron Gothic chandelier is also spectacular. The ironwork is superb, as you can see in the figure here in full armor...

Iron Gothic Chandelier

Now Greg had an even bigger packing job on his hands, between all the chandeliers and furniture. Could he fit everything in the van?

Greg packing antique chandeliers

You bet he could! Greg has mad truck packing skills. I'd back him against anyone to get the largest quantity of fragile and beautiful antiques packed safely and tightly in the fastest time. Greg says that his superpower is probably from all the Tetris he played as a kid.

In our next adventure in Belgium, you can see some of the wonderful religious treasures that we found, which have a surprising story behind them! For more info on chandeliers, check out our guide here.

antique buying trip in europe majolica chandelier vintage vintage candlestick holders carved wood furniture
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  1. Brent and Sandy Hergert
    Brent and Sandy Hergert
    Hey y'all!

    We love reading about your trip. Brent has retired and we are building a home in Mississippi!! Please don't forget us when you unpack the chandeliers.

  2. admin
    Hi Sandy, Great to hear from you again! We are just beginning to rewire all these chandeliers. Is there a particular style or size in which you're interested? Send an email to us with your ideas!
    Best wishes,
    Aimee at EuroLuxHome.com