Art & Art Glass

There is a reason why interior designers think about the art to be displayed in a room as well as the architectural elements and the furniture. The experts know that art is the final piece of the puzzle, the element that establishes the tone of a space and also shows your personality. 

These very personal pieces are the icing on the cake, although sometimes the icing is so fabulous you will want to create the entire cake around it! Perhaps you have an heirloom piece, an antique or vintage piece of art that needs to be a focal point in your space. It will be a highlight in the room, setting the mood and creating a certain feeling that is very unique to you and your family. 

Antique and vintage pieces might include chalkware figures, lithographs and oil paintings. All our antique and vintage sculptures and collectibles are imported from Europe, especially France, so you know that your purchased item will already have a rich history and a story to tell. It has lived for many decades in a house in Europe and it carries the patina of age and the allure of a piece that many people have already enjoyed and loved. Whether you are looking for a vintage French oil painting, an Art Nouveau lithograph or a charming decorative statue, we have a wide selection. Antique and vintage artwork prints are unique and one-off pieces, so of course if you see one that you love and that is perfect for your home, buy it at once so you do not lose it to another customer! 

We also carry new and antique statues, sculptures, figurines, giclee prints, obelisks and engravings. These often feature hand-crafted details, including hand-painted ceramics. 

This is your time to have fun and shop for the vintage art prints and decorative accents that will create an atmosphere for your home. Many of these pieces will become heirloom prizes, handed down from you to the generations to come.