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There is a reason why interior designers think about the art to be displayed in a room as well as the architectural elements and the furniture. The experts know that art is the final piece of the puzzle, the element that establishes the tone of a space and also shows your personality. 

These very personal pieces are the icing on the cake, although sometimes the icing is so fabulous you will want to create the entire cake around it! Perhaps you have an heirloom piece, an ...

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Art & Art Glass FAQ

01 What makes something Art Glass?

Art glass usually refers to items created after the mid-nineteenth century, and usually to those created exclusively as sculpture or decorative art, with no primary utilitarian function, such as acting as a drinking vessel, however stained glass does keep the weather out, and bowls can still be functional.

02 What is Art Glass?

Individual works of art that are substantially or entirely constructed of glass are referred to as glass art. It includes gigantic works and installation pieces, as well as wall hangings and windows, as well as studio and factory-made art, such as glass jewelry and tableware.

03 Who is the best glass artist?

Dale Chihuly has revolutionised glassblowing with his asymmetrical, freeform sculptures and inventive processes as the most famous glass artist alive today.


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  1. JOHN-RICHARD Sculpture Selenite Brass Crystal

    SKU: JR-4260

    7H x 12W x 12D

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  2. DALE TIFFANY Figurine Statue Love Birds Hand-Blown Art Glass Blown

    SKU: DY-1392

    8.75H x 8.75W x 4D

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  3. DALE TIFFANY Figurine Statue Couple NotApplicable-Light Hand-Blown Art Glass

    SKU: DY-1745

    17H x 4W x 3L

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  4. DALE TIFFANY Sculpture NotApplicable-Light Aqua Hand-Blown Art Glass Blown

    SKU: DY-1746

    22H x 8.50W x 3L

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  5. DALE TIFFANY Figurine Statue Reindeer NotApplicable-Light Hand-Blown Art Glass

    SKU: DY-1748

    16H x 11W x 6.50L

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  6. Sculpture Leaf Artifacts Clear Set 2 Acrylic Iron Bronze

    SKU: CH-5034

    12.50H x 4.50W x 2D

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  7. DALE TIFFANY Statue Traditional Antique Dimpled Glass Hand-Blown

    SKU: DY-1047

    13.75H x 11W x 8.50L

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  8. DALE TIFFANY CHIMERA Sculpture Hand-Blown Art Glass Blown

    SKU: DY-1390

    13.50H x 10W x 3.50L

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  9. DALE TIFFANY Sculpture 10 Fish Blue Black Hand-Blown Art Glass Metal Blown

    SKU: DY-1400

    18H x 31.75W x 8L

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  10. DALE TIFFANY Sculpture Fish Rectangular Base Rectangle N/A-Light MultiColor

    SKU: DY-1835

    19H x 25W x 8L

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Showing: 1-12 of 812 results

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