Looking for somewhere adorable to store your magazines or newspapers? How about a piece of home decor for storing fruit on your kitchen table? Or maybe you're in the market for something to blend with your rattan living room. Regardless of your tastes, you've come to the right place. At, our selection of storage baskets gives you an option for every style. 

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Baskets FAQ

01 How should I use a decorative basket?

It's usual to use a wicker basket to hold throws, but have you considered using one to store wood for your fireplace? Instead of placing coffee table books or photo albums on your coffee table, try storing them next to your sofa.

02 Can I use baskets for plants?

Although hanging plant baskets aren't exactly new, we adore this contemporary wire basket for exhibiting an air plant. Air plants are ideal for an exposed basket display because they don't require soil or much watering.

03 Do baskets save space?

The inconvenient space above your cabinets is frequently used only to collect dust. Add a couple storage bins for items you only use once in a while. We propose a wire or cloth basket that can be easily cleaned because this area is frequently oily from burner use.

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