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Decorate your home with candlesticks in the dining room, living room, bedroom, hallway and bathroom and you will immediately create a romantic atmosphere. Antique and vintage candlesticks or newly crafted styles all add personality to a room and they are so easy to incorporate in your decor. A row of antique candlesticks on your dining table will create a relaxed mood at dinner while a pair on the mantle over your fireplace will look magnificently stately. A few scattered around on surfaces and shelves in every room will evoke a charming ambiance. Vintage candle holders conjure a unique sense of style that only increases their appeal. 

Antique  and Vintage Candleholders

Whatever your taste and style, you will find a treasure in our online store. Perhaps you will choose a vintage Italian hand-painted Capo Di Monte ceramic rose candlestick or a vintage French Rococo candelabra with a nickel finish. Or maybe you will be captivated by antique French brass altar styles. Vintage and antique candle holders are obviously only available as one-off pieces and once they are sold they are gone! So hunt around to find a unique piece for your home or as a gift for a friend and then snap it up at once. You will be pleasantly surprised at the affordable prices for our antique and vintage candlesticks. Styles include art nouveau, victorian, art deco, and more. We've got pieces from the 19th century and 20th century.

?Candleholder Materials Used

We feature pieces crafted from a variety of materials. These include antique brass, antique bronze, cast iron, pewter, sterling silver, wrought iron, and antique silver. We also offer glass candleholders. Many of these pieces are handmade.

If you prefer to buy something new, we have options in all kinds of style and all kinds of materials. Sparkling crystal and glass add to the flickering allure of the flame, and look charming in a bedroom or a bathroom to add extra light and a feminine touch. If you choose wrought or weathered iron, you will find it a terrific match for traditional decor, Spanish Mission design schemes, nautical looks and shabby romantic rooms. Carved wood creates a warm and welcoming feel in a home. If you want something more unusual, we also have high-quality candlesticks in hand-painted cast resin that depict stags, deer, bear and other wild animals that are perfect for a Hunting style room. Our other lighting options include chandeliers, sconces, candlestands, and more. With so many new arrivals, you are sure to find something to suit your home decor needs.

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Candle Holders FAQ

01 How do you taper a candle?

To reduce the size of a candle's base, place it in the Taper Tipper as illustrated below. Then, while keeping the Taper Tipper steady in one hand, twist and rotate the candle in the other. It's similar to sharpening a pencil, only you're whittling down a candle instead of a pencil point.

02 Do pillar candles make a mess?

Pillars are specifically designed to be burned for longer durations and when you burn them for a shorter period you mess up with the whole burning process.

03 How do you clean a candleholder?

Before lighting the candle, put a thin coat of olive oil on the base of the holder to prevent wax from sticking. If your holder already has wax accumulation, clean it with a mixture of olive oil and dish soap.

04 How do I use a candleholder?

The most important thing is to get the right size. A tall candle in a short candleholder will fall out.

05 What types of candleholder does offer?

We offer all sorts of candleholders. Pretty much any furniture style has a candleholder that can blend with it. We offer candleholders for every size of candle.


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  1. JOHN-RICHARD Candleholders Candleholder Candlestick Antique Brass Hammered Set

    SKU: JR-4034

    15.25H x 4.25W x 4.25D

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  2. JOHN-RICHARD Candleholders Candleholder Candlestick Minimalist Modern Natural

    SKU: JR-5113

    15.75H x 4.50W x 4.50D

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  3. JOHN-RICHARD Candleholder Candlestick Coffee Bronze Alabaster Glass

    SKU: JR-4012

    22H x 7W x 7D

    view details
  4. JOHN-RICHARD Candlesticks Candleholder Candlestick Contemporary Gray Black

    SKU: JR-4042

    23.50H x 6W x 6D

    view details
  5. JOHN-RICHARD Candleholder Candlestick Coffee Bronze Alabaster Glass

    SKU: JR-4011

    18H x 7W x 7D

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  6. JOHN-RICHARD Candleholders Candleholder Candlestick Transparent Set 3 Cr

    SKU: JR-4299

    10H x 4W x 4D

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  7. JOHN-RICHARD Candleholder Candlestick Modern Contemporary Transparent Cut

    SKU: JR-7185

    19.50H x 4W x 4D

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  8. Candelabra Candleholder Candlestick Painted Distressed Gold Oxidized Black Wood

    SKU: CW-830

    33.50H x 20.80W x 20.80D

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  9. Candelabra Candleholder Candlestick Painted Distressed Gold White Oxidized

    SKU: CW-783

    33.50H x 20.80W x 20.80D

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  10. JOHN-RICHARD Candleholder Candlestick Ivory

    SKU: JR-7364

    15.75H x 4.75W x 4.75D

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  11. COOK Candleholder Candlestick Hurricane Shade Antiqued Brass Crystal

    SKU: CH-2841

    6H x 9.50W x 9.50D

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  12. CYAN DESIGN LANTERNA Candleholder Candlestick Large Polished Nickel Silver

    SKU: CY-4215

    26.50H x 9.25W x 10D

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