Nautical Items

Whether you are a sailor or you simply appreciate the beauty and function of nautical items, you know how pleasing it is to use and view these pieces. Some people purchase these antique style nautical items purely for their decorative appeal, while others put the functioning pieces into action on the high seas or local lake. 

Our selection of superbly crafted maritime decor includes compasses, sextants, ship wheels, armillary spheres, ship bells and globes. These are very nicely made accessories with a vintage appeal, and yet they are so ...

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Nautical Items FAQ

01 How do I make a room look nautical?

The room is kept open and airy by pastel blue walls and light wood furniture treatments. In nautical design, stripes are a must-have element. Use the design as an accent wall in large doses.

02 What is the difference between coastal and nautical decor?

In a nutshell, the Nautical style is inspired by sailors and resembles the interior of a working sailing ship, whereas the Coastal style is inspired by the calming mood and atmosphere of a beach.

03 What decor items are considered nautical?

Gingham and striped patterns are characteristics of the design, as are linen, brass, wood, and rope for accents and hardware. The most popular accessories for adorning a nautical-inspired interior space include studded or embroidered furniture, shells or sea glass, and repurposed antique objects.

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