Vintage telescopes, folding binoculars, and other kinds of vintage optics make the perfect gift. Many of the vintage style items in our online store are crafted by Old Modern Handicrafts, which is acclaimed for its hand-crafted traditional products. 

For your conservatory or other space where you like to watch birds, you might choose a pair of binoculars based on a 19th  century design, mounted on a tripod. In the Victorian era, these were still an exciting new invention and the ...

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Optics FAQ

01 What's the most important feature of a telescope?

The aperture of a telescope is the most important measurement. The diameter of the lens at the top of the tube is measured by aperture with refractors. This is the light-collecting lens.

02 Can you see galaxies with a telescope?

Galaxies are among the furthest objects that mankind can see. While most planets, stars, and nebulae are relatively close to us, we can see galaxies millions of light-years away. With a 4-inch telescope, you can usually only view the centre of a galaxy, even if it is very brilliant.

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