Hanging Wall Panels

Decorative Wall Panels

Antique hanging wall panels are a great choice as artwork in your decor as they offer the extra bonus of creating textural or even architectural appeal. From canvas prints to geometric patterns, these wall hanging pieces are some of our best sellers. With so many new products available for your living room decor, we're bound to have something you'll love. 

We have a wide selection of very decorative pieces ...

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Hanging Wall Panels FAQ

01 Can you install wall paneling without drywall?

The challenge of installing paneling solely over studs that are less than 1/4" thick necessitates the use of drywall. This is due to fire regulations. Paneling will burn like crazy in the event of a fire, and the lack of a drywall backer and/or fireblocking is a serious issue.

02 How do you attach fabric panels to the wall?

To hang the panel, attach the top and bottom trim. Fold the top edge of the fabric over and staple from the back with 1/4?? staples. Repeat the process on the bottom. Fix it to the wall, measure it, and make sure it's level.

03 Is wall paneling cheaper than drywall?

Because the price of prefinished wall paneling varies so widely, determining the true cost difference is difficult. Paneling, on the other hand, is generally more expensive. Paneling costs $30 to $90 each panel, whereas drywall sheets cost $10 to $30 per sheet.

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