There are so many ways to use decorative free-standing room partition screens in your decor. Every home should have at least one or two as they not only look good, they are versatile in almost every room of the house. 

Folding screens can be used as a partition between one part of the room and another. For example, in an open plan space they can give a visual cue that you are moving from the living area to the dining area. 

They can create almost architectural visual interest if you place them in a way that breaks up a large ...

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Screens FAQ

01 How much does window screen replacement cost?

Window screen replacement costs between $100 and $500 on average. Each screen costs $15 to $50 in labor and $20 to $100 in supplies. Installation costs as little as $35 for pre-assembled units, while solar or security screens can cost up to $1,000. Screens keep bugs out while allowing fresh air to flow in.

02 Do I need window screens?

If you want to let fresh air into your home, you'll need window and door screens. Screens also protect glass and doors from damage, such as a ball thrown at a window by your children when they are playing outside. It's also another barrier a thief must overcome in order to gain entry to your home's interior.

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