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A home is not a home without quality wall decor in all the major living rooms and bedrooms. A quality timepiece on your nightstand, or a desktop clock in your home office can take your home decor to the next level. Telling the time on your cell phone is simply not the same! Traditional style new, vintage and antique clocks add character and a sense of welcome, with a decorative appeal that is, shall we say, timeless. Of course they are useful too, so you can easily glance up and keep ...

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Table & Floor Clocks FAQ

01 How does an analog clock work?

A number of gears, powered by battery or wall energy, are housed inside the analog alarm clock. The hands of the clock are moved around by these gears, which use an oscillating wheel to keep the time steady. There will be an extra hand on the alarm clock, usually shorter than the hour hand.

02 Why is my grandfather clock not chiming?

Make that the strike on/off lever is not halfway between settings or in the "strike off" position. Check to see if the movement is in the "night off" position. Make certain that all packing materials have been removed from the moving location.

03 What are old clocks called?

A grandfather clock is the most widely recognized type of antique clock. These early American antique clocks, often known as "tall case clocks" or "tall clocks," come in a variety of sizes but are typically around eight feet tall.


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  1. RICCO DERUTA DELUXE Wall Clock Majolica Square Ceramic

    SKU: AS-1673

    12.50H x 9.75W x 1.50D

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  2. Transmitter Table Clock Mantel Vintage Look Polished Aluminum Wood Brass

    SKU: PL-158

    9H x 4.50W x 5D

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  3. Table Clock Biplane Airplane Military Aviation WWI Lafayette Escadrille Metal

    SKU: PL-169

    5.50H x 14W x 3D

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  4. Desk Clock Table Diver Helmet Industrial Solid Brass Vintage Patina

    SKU: PL-172

    7H x 5W x 6.25D

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  5. Rufus Table Clock Mantel Industrial Scientific Polished Cast Aluminum Brass

    SKU: PL-174

    8H x 4.25W x 3.25D

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  6. Stephanie Table Clock Mantel Art Deco Oval Brass Polished Silver Nickel Plate

    SKU: PL-177

    8.50H x 4.50W x 2.25D

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  7. Wall Clock Deckhand Military Ship Black Painted Cast Aluminum Red Seconds Hand

    SKU: PL-199

    8.50H x 8.50W x 4D

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  8. Wall Clock Deep Sea Black Red Submarine Military Russian Cast Aluminum Nickel

    SKU: PL-200

    8.50H x 9W x 3.25D

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  9. Lyon Wall Clock 19th C French Tower European Large Round Painted Wood Steel

    SKU: PL-207

    31H x 31W x 3D

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  10. Navy Master Clock WWII Military Aircraft Carrier Matte Black Cast Aluminum

    SKU: PL-208

    12H x 12W x 5D

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  11. Nicholas Wall Clock Industrial British Factory Round Distressed Gray Wood Glass

    SKU: PL-209

    25H x 25W x 2.50D

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