Decorative Plates

Decorative Plates

At, we've got a wide selection of decorative plates sure to enhance your home. These pieces of wall decor are an underrated way to enhance your living room or dining room. When people think of ways to add color to their walls, they think of art. Maybe a picture frame can meet that need. But if you're looking for something truly unique, something that your guests might not have seen before, you should adorn your wall with a decorative plate set! Even though they're ...

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Decorative Plates FAQ

01 Should I hang my decorative plates on the wall?

You kill two birds with one stone by hanging plates on the wall to decorate?the walls become decorated (no framing required!) and you kill two birds with one stone by hanging dishes on the wall to decorate. As a result, some china storage becomes available.

02 How large should my plate mount be?

Generally speaking, a plate stand should be at least 3/4" taller than the item being displayed. So, if you have a ten-inch plate, you'll need a stand that's at least seven-and-a-half inches tall. If you have a 12" dish, a stand that is at least 9" height is required.


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  1. MAJOLICA MEDICI DERUTA Wall Plate Tuscan Italian Ceramic Hand-Painted

    SKU: AS-1384

    28W x 2D

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  2. Vintage Plate Petrus Regout Blue White/Cream

    SKU: 22-307

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  3. Plate Set of Two Dovetail Turquoise Blue Vintage Look Crackle Glaze Round New

    SKU: DT-2350

    2H x 15W x 15D

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  4. ORVIETO ROOSTER Pizza Plate Deruta Majolica Blue White/Cream Ceramic

    SKU: AS-1726

    0.75H x 12.50W x 12.50D

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  5. Wall Plate Majolica Figurine Ceramic Handmade Hand-Crafted

    SKU: AS-221

    11H x 11W x 1D

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  6. VARIO BW Plate Deruta Majolica Ceramic

    SKU: AS-292

    2.50H x 14W x 14D

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  7. GAUDI Plate Triangular Large Ceramic Hand-Crafted Hand-Painted Painted

    SKU: AS-321

    20H x 20W x 1D

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  8. SICILIANA Wall Plate Sicilian Deruta Medium Ceramic

    SKU: AS-1066

    1H x 18W x 18D

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  9. Plate Distressed Metal Brass Bronze

    SKU: ZT-3049

    2.50H x 18W x 18D

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  10. Plate Silla Sea Grass Floral Large White Blue Black Brass Cream Pine Gray

    SKU: LA-1442

    4H x 17.50W x 17.50D

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  11. CYAN DESIGN THREE DREAMS Plate Green Blue White/Cream Dimpled Glass

    SKU: CY-365

    3.25H x 22W x 22D

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  12. Vintage Plate Signed Sonneville Boch Royal Sphinx Blue Delft Windmill Canal

    SKU: 22-298

    15.50H x 15.50W x 2D

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Showing: 1-12 of 31 results

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