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If you are a fan of classic French interior design, then you will love the Aubusson style of furniture upholstery, tapestries, hand-woven throw pillows and other soft textiles. This elegant and intricate design style comes from the historic weavers from Aubusson in the very heart center of France. This town has been acclaimed for its carpets and tapestries since the 1300s, but it became especially famous as the centuries passed. By the 17th century the manufacturers here were given the coveted “Royal Appointment” status and they made tapestries for the French royal family. The style was revived in the fashionable design world of the 1930s and today weavers still use the traditional skills established by the original weavers to recreate the timeless designs.

Why is the Aubusson Design so Special?

The designs evolved over the centuries to include landscapes, vignettes of animals and birds, scenes of people, hunting scenes, Renaissance floral designs, and towns and towers and other architectural images. They are based on artistic engravings or drawings and they are works of art in themselves!

Our collection of Aubusson style decor includes hand-spun and hand-woven upholstery covers on upholstered benches and chairs, based on 17th and 18th century French designs. Many of these pieces of furniture are hand-carved and accented with antiqued nailheads. They will look incredibly authentic in your French-inspired decor and they lend a charming sense of timeless grace.

Other items include hand-embroidered and hand-woven throw pillows using the traditional techniques and made of pure wool or silk. You can be sure to find the perfect design for your home among our wide selection including sumptuous florals, delightful farmyard animals and grand insignia. Often the throw pillows are trimmed with tassels to add to the sense of luxury.

Tapestries based on original Aubusson designs will look splendid hanging on your wall as artworks. These textiles also soften a room and create a welcoming and elegant atmosphere, just as they did hundreds of years ago in France.  

Aubusson at has a variety of Aubusson rugs available, bringing the luxury of central France to your home. These floor coverings feature interesting patterns with floral patterns such as floral bouquets. A woven rug with this tapestry technique could be the perfect fit in your living or dining room. 

Whether you're looking for a wool area rug, scrolling, wall hanging tapestry, or just 19th century design in general, we hope you'll consider for your Aubusson needs.