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Fall Decor: Fruits and Grapes

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Fall Decor: Fruits and Grapes

In his poem "To Autumn" the English romantic poet John Keats described it as the "Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness." Fall decor reflects this perspective. He wrote that poem nearly 200 years ago but it is as evocative today as it ever was - the perfect description of fall!  As we all enjoy this cozy time of year, making apple sauce and stocking up on the last of the bounty from the farmers' markets,  I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces in our online antiques and home accessory store that also celebrate the fruits of the harvest! Art Deco Buffet Vintage 1920

Art Deco buffet carved doorA lot of the antique furniture that we import from France is carved with rustic and rural motifs that pay tribute to the harvest, including this gorgeous oak wood Art Deco buffet (item 18-36) dating to 1920,

The buffet is carved across both the upper and lower oak cabinets with fruits and pretty bunches of grapes.... perfect for wine lovers!

The close up of the door (left) shows just how lovely and detailed the carvings are. Accented by silver-toned handles, the Art Deco cabinet will make quite a nice centerpiece for a dining room or kitchen.

Fall Decor: Antique Buffet

Our customer Natalya S. showed us just how wonderful an antique buffet can look in a kitchen when she sent this photo of an antique Renaissance style buffet she bought from us, now starring in her kitchen in California!

Antique Renaissance Buffet Kitchen Diner

The French antique Henry II Renaissance style buffet dating to 1900 is crafted in walnut and it boasts elaborate carvings of abundant fruit. The design is ideal for a kitchen where the buffet also provides useful storage and display space. What a welcoming kitchen, and I bet it is especially cozy and comfortable in this fall season! 

Aubusson Throw Pillow Fruits and Grapes

On a smaller scale, this delicious new Aubusson throw pillow also helps us harvest the fruits of summer!

Crafted using traditional techniques in the style of antique French Aubusson pillows, the new large square Aubusson throw pillow is about 20 inches wide and it depicts luscious grapes and orchard fruits.

The muted green background will blend beautifully into any color scheme and the bright fruit colors will add a warm accent.

Italian Majolica ceramic bowl fruit and grapes

Other Fall Decor Options

This vibrant hand-painted new Majolica ceramic bowl also adds a dash of color and a charming celebration of the harvest.

The bowl was crafted and hand-painted in Italy, and you can see the Italian love of food in the flamboyant design of harvest fruits and bunches of juicy purple grapes.

A lovely harvest!

The fruit is set off by large leaves spreading across the top of the stylish blue bowl. It measures about 13 inches wide and it would look terrific as a centerpiece on your rustic kitchen table.

If you'd like to learn more about living room decor in general, check out our post here!

Welcome to autumn and I hope you enjoy browsing around our website to find other fall related furniture and home accessories. If you type a word into the search box in our online store -- for example grapes, vines, fruit, flowers etc. -- you will see lots of beautiful pieces appear!

Fall themed home decor is a great way to add style to your living room or dining room furniture. These home furnishings include attractive pieces such as area rugs, coffee tables, dining tables, bar stools, dining chairs and more!

ceramics french antique furniture antique buffet vintage art deco furniture aubusson pillows antique decor carved wood furniture
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