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If you want to add a distinctive touch when are you are entertaining in your home bar, cocktail area or dining room, the easiest way is to choose new and antique decanters and barware that reflect your personality. That might mean shopping for vintage beer steins, commemorative glass stemware or pewter tankards. These all carry a nice sense of tradition or are talking points to get the conversation going when you pour the drinks! They bring a little more style than your standard glass bottle.

After all, a big part of the celebration when friends gather to enjoy themselves is not just about the cocktails, beer or wine being served. It is also important to create an atmosphere. Whether you prefer an elegant and refined atmosphere or a more relaxed and casual mood, we have the perfect piece for your bar or dining table, whether that be new, vintage, or antique bar accessories. 

Quality Bar Decor

If you are a wine connoisseur with traditional values, then you will want to select a beautiful decanter so you can pour your wine into it ahead of serving. This is especially important for vintage red wines, because it allows the wine to breathe and it also leaves any sediment behind in the bottle. Our selection includes hand-crafted Jonathan Charles styles such as one based on a 19th century English Georgian original, from the Windsor collection. This includes two chunky decanters in a fully lined and hinged solid walnut wood box. It is sure to make a dignified impression at your table and set the tone for your refined dinner party or wine tasting! 

Other options include a French Country style wine cooler that is free-standing like a small server and is very prettily designed in cherry and mahogany with two wine buckets, a lower shelf and a drawer and a black marble inset to act as a counter to serve your cheese or appetizers. Larger wine racks are crafted with traditional woods and styling, so you can find exactly the type that you want. Our new Hobbs Germany collection of wine racks and servers gives us all another reason to celebrate as it is superbly crafted with drawers made from genuine wine crates from French Bordeaux wineries. Browse contemporary and vintage bar accessories below.

Bar Furniture

Our selection of bar furniture is immense. From wall decor such as bar signs, to bar stools, bar carts and more, we've truly got it all to enhance your bar area. For the storage of craft beer, ice buckets and more, we'd recommend a bar cabinet. Wall hanging wall art, such as a beer sign or bar sign, can help add to the atmosphere of your living room, wine cellar, basement bar, or even man cave. Other bar wall decor include wood signs, pub signs and wall plaques. 

Other home bar ideas include table such as side tables and accent tables. These come in antique, retro, and modern styles, with quality rustic wood and other sturdy materials to make sure it holds up. Each table top is constructed to the highest quality. 

Other storage options include floating shelves, a bar shelf, wood bars, and more. 

Quality Decanters

Whether you're in the market for a wine decanter, whiskey decanter, crystal decanter or even an entire decanter set, has you covered. We also offer hand blown glassware, which includes crystal glass and even an entire glasses set. Imagine all the great uses for these pieces of home decor. Imagine how lovely some of these new arrivals would be as housewarming gifts. Imagine how the lovely clear glass will look on your crystal wine decanter or crystal whiskey decanter. These pieces of dinnerware and decanting needs are sure to make a great impression on your guests, and they're some of our best sellers for a reason. From wine glasses to wine stoppers, collectible drinkware, bottle decanters for accessibility to your bourbon and much more, has what you need.

Bar & Barware FAQ

01 How long should a home bar be?

Most common home bar designs are at least 6' long to allow three bar stools, or 8' long to accommodate four bar stools. You should also consider the shape of the bar you wish to create.

02 How high should a home bar be?

The average height of a home or commercial bar is 42 inches from the floor to the bar surface. The typical height of a bar stool is 30 inches. If you want to allow wheelchairs, a piece of the bar should be 30?? above the finished floor.

03 How much space do I need for a home bar?

To travel in and around the bar stools, you'll need around 2' of space between them. Most common home bar designs are at least 6' long to allow three bar stools, or 8' long to accommodate four bar stools.

04 How do I store spirits at home?

Simply keep spirits upright to avoid a metallic flavor from the cap, at room temperature, and out of direct sunlight, as UV rays aren't just bad for our skin ? they can also be bad for our spirits!

05 Does a wet bar need a sink?

A wet-bar is essentially a sink with running water. A dry bar does not have a sink and just has a location to prepare beverages. The only technical difference is in the plumbing.


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