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Baskets & Boxes

Storage Baskets & Boxes

When it comes to decorating your space, it's important to consider where you're going to put things. It's one thing to decorate a home to look pretty, but it's quite another to add pieces that provide a practical purpose. At, we understand the importance of quality storage options, which is why we provide so many storage boxes and storage baskets. These pieces can be a great fit in your living room, dining room, bath, entryway or home office. From extra large pieces to be used as laundry baskets, to totes, wire baskets and seagrass baskets, we've got you covered. 

Handwoven Wicker Baskets and Other Handmade Decorative Baskets

We offer a wide variety of storage home decor. With so many new arrivals, we're certain you'll find the piece to enhance your space. These could be great sitting on your dining table, as you and your guests view it from a quality set of dining chairs. The right basket set can eliminate the need for clunky storage bins, with pieces made from seagrass and rattan to provide a spark of creative flair. These pieces are some of our bestsellers for a reason- they can fit on your coffee tables, bookcase, or even outdoor dining setup. These are more than storage solutions, they're decorations. Whether you're looking for a convenient place to store dinnerware or table linens, or simply just want quality storage containers or shelf baskets, we've got the pieces for you. 

From large to small basket, our site is a catch-all for beautiful baskets. With natural materials such as natural fiber, leather handles and more, these pieces provide both style and storage space. No matter what product type you choose, you'll be impressed.

With so many options, you're sure to find something that matches with your throw pillows, shelving, outdoor lighting, or even playroom decor. From wicker storage baskets to woven storage baskets, has the highest quality designs on the market.

Other Decorative Storage Options

We offer heavy duty pieces such as a heavy decorative box with lid. These are great for storing office supplies or other home storage needs, providing both easy access and style. You get all the office storage needs without having to use plastic bins or a plastic storage box. Some of these pieces are stackable, others collapsible, and some foldable, all to make your household essentials more accessible. From a wood box with a lacquer to a book box, keepsake box and other accent pieces, our decorative storage boxes are among our best decorative accents. From matte black to mother of pearl and other styles that match your wall decor, our selection can meet your needs.

These can be great in your laundry room as fabric storage bins. Maybe you're looking for a storage drawer for tool storage. We can help there too! The point is, you've got options. doesn't overlook the importance of storage when it comes to decorating your home. Our designs bring you the luxury you'd expect when decorating a home, while also bringing a practical use as well. Get yours today!