Bathroom & Kitchen Fixtures

For most people, shopping for kitchen and bathroom fixtures is a major part of decorating those rooms, providing the necessary furnishings and also the final decorative accessories that complete the whole interior design scheme. 

This is one of those areas of home improvement and decor where it is very important not to skimp on quality. Whether you are looking for larger plumbed-in pieces, like a sink chest or vanity, or a smaller decorative accent such as vintage style towel racks or paper towel dispensers, these are bathroom and kitchen fixtures that you will use every day. You want to ensure that they always feel good to use, that they actively enhance your home, and they also have the durability to last through frequent or even daily use. This means choosing well designed and constructed pieces that employ good raw materials. If you are shopping for small accents like soap dishes or decorative paper towel holders for bathrooms, then you will want something with a good weight to it. This helps convey a sense of high quality. For example many of the designs we stock are made with brass or stone, giving a solid and weighty feel that immediately upgrades the space into the luxury category! 

We stock a wide range of beautiful sink chests and vanities, often inspired by antique chest designs. Materials include marble, granite and bisque, which look stunning and are a pleasure to use. 

It is also wise to invest in the best you can afford for plumbing items like faucets. Again, you use these every day and you do not want something that feels cheap and tinny. The right high-quality items will last you for many years and they are so important in creating the right impression. It is said that everything is in the details, and this is certainly true when it comes to buying kitchen and bathroom fixtures!