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Your bedroom should be your oasis - a place of rest and relaxation at the end of the day, so that you can awake refreshed and ready to tackle the next day. A stylish bed is therefore both beautiful and practical. We offer a wide variety of reproduction antique beds in all sizes -king size, queen size, full size and twin size too. Antique beds and vintage bed frames add stately elegance to your home - from fancy Rococo style to heavily carved Brittany style, we have a stunning selection of French style beds for sale. Antique beds normally come in full-size, but can often be converted to queen-size - just ask us! We'd love to help you buy the perfect bed for your home. Browse our antique beds for sale below! 

Your Antique Bedroom Deserves the Best!

If you love antique bedroom furniture, you've come to the right place. We offer some of the finest beds on the market, and can match them with other fixtures such as armoires, chandeliers, or maybe a chest of drawers. No matter your desired bedroom design, we have a piece for you. Perhaps a Victorian bedroom awaits you in the near future. Chippendale bedroom decor is always a reliable way to go, too. We have a full size bed for every occasion, in styles ranging from Louis XVI to French Provincial. 

For more on bedroom decor, check out our guide here! We use our years of antique experience to go in depth on the ins and outs of style. 

All sizes available!

 From King bed to Queen bed, a full bed for your guest room or a low profile loft bed, we've got quality for every bed size. Perhaps a Mid-Century Modern headboard, panel bed or other furniture is what you need/ In that case, has you covered. You'll find that our selection of platform beds, tufted and upholstered beds, adjustable beds and other bedroom furniture were crafted to the highest standard, ensuring both comfort and style. Each piece features quality solid wood and plush materials from headboard to footboard, ensuring that each piece is crafted to the utmost quality. Some of our daybeds and canopy beds are so lovely you'll want to show them off in your living room! We can further enhance your home decor with an entire bedroom set, bringing glam to your space in one fell swoop! 

Vintage Beds has a wide range of vintage bedroom decor for those with a more modern taste. Combine one of our vintage style beds with a hip new table lamp or one of our other new arrivals and you'll be amazed at the result!

Many of these handcrafted pieces feature a high-quality upholstery, ensuring durability for generations to come. From grandiose california kings to minimalist luxury, we've got something for every taste. Your interior design deserves the best bed on the market. 

Metal Beds, Faux Leather and more!

From wingback to slats to sleigh beds and more, you'll see the quality that makes these pieces some of our absolute best sellers. Perhaps a bunk bed is what you need to complement your bookcase! Styles of bed include:


-Art Nouveau

-Art Deco


-French Country

And many more shabby chic, early and mid 20th century styles! 

Quality Beds at

Whether you're in the market for a double bed with some nightstands, iron bed to wood bed, poster bed or twin bed, we've got you covered. With so many choices, you're bound to find something you love! If you're looking for where to find a good mattress, we think this overview is helpful. Browse our collection of beautiful beds today, and find your piece that will last a lifetime! Our inventory has something for every style.

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Beds FAQ

01 Is a foundation needed for a mattress?

For all types of mattresses, a mattress foundation is required to support the mattress, preserve it from damage, and equally distribute the weight of the sleeper while preserving a neutral spine alignment. Some mattress warranties stipulate that the mattress be used with a foundation to extend its life.

02 Are headboards necessary?

It's quite OK to go without a headboard because it's an optional feature of your bed. Even though they have additional applications, most people today consider headboards to be decorative pieces of furniture.

03 Where should I place my bed?

We recommend placing your bed in the center of the room, along the wall. This allows accessibility, and leaves space for your other decor. You can then put nightstands on either side for convenient storage space.

04 What are some antique bed styles?

There are many styles of antique bed to choose from. If you're looking for something stately and elegant, we'd recommend a Victorian bed. If you want something artsy, we suggest an Art Nouveau bed!

05 Where can I find beds online? offers a wide selection of beds available for purchase. If you're into antique furniture, we have plenty of 19th century and early 20th century beds. We also offer Mid-Century Modern and Modern pieces for something more recent.


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  1. Bed QUINNTON King Natural Teak

    SKU: NO-1915

    45.50H x 79.50W x 86D

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  2. Jonathan Charles King Bed, Buckingham Mahogany Satinwood Four Poster Bed

    SKU: JC-1145

    92.50H x 82.75W x 91.75D

    view details
  3. Bed JONATHAN CHARLES WILLIAM YEOWARD King Grayed Oak Gray Bedding Not I

    SKU: JC-2955

    94.50H x 83.25W x 87.25D

    view details
  4. Bed FERRET California King Hand-Rubbed Black Mahogany

    SKU: NO-1772

    82H x 82W x 93D

    view details
  5. Bed FERRET King White Wash White/Cream Mahogany

    SKU: NO-1532

    82H x 86W x 91D

    view details
  6. Bed FERRET King Weathered Mahogany

    SKU: NO-1473

    82H x 86W x 91D

    view details
  7. Bed FERRET Queen Weathered Mahogany Bedding Not Included

    SKU: NO-993

    82H x 71W x 91D

    view details
  8. Bed FERRET Queen Hand-Rubbed Black Mahogany

    SKU: NO-992

    82H x 71W x 91D

    view details
  9. Bed PORTO Eastern King Natural Teak

    SKU: NO-1942

    45.50H x 86W x 79.50D

    view details
  10. Bed NEW DOUGLAS King Hand-Rubbed Black Mahogany

    SKU: NO-1591

    84H x 81W x 88D

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