Biedermeier Furniture

The Biedermeier style of furniture design developed and grew to popularity in Germany, Austria and Scandinavia between 1815 and 1848. While it was elegant and dignified, this furniture was not overly ornate or ostentatious. 

A Biedermeier History

The development of the style was driven by the rising middle class, rather than by the tastes and demands of the aristocracy as had previously been the case. The emerging middle classes after the industrial revolution wanted to spend their new-found wealth on beautiful wood furniture that showed off their status and refined taste. However, they were not furnishing palaces and chateaux, so the scale and style of the furniture was more in line with their then “modern” lifestyle!

Simple and Elegant

Biedermeier style furniture emphasizes simple lines and gorgeous woods with attractive natural grains. The details were more restrained rather than fussy, including minimal carvings. Influences included the Napoleonic French Empire style, although the designs were simplified.

Neoclassical Luxury

The result was a Neoclassical look that often featured ebonized trims, carved scrollwork, Greek columns, and chair back splats with classical lyre-shaping. More glitzy details like gilded surfaces and extravagant silver handles were rarely seen. Here's a little more info on Neoclassical styles. 

Form and Function

These pieces were also quite utilitarian with a “form following function” aesthetic. Much thought was given to the use of the furniture and the relationship with the materials employed. (Later, the style would develop and simplify even further into the Bauhaus and Art Deco style.)

Biedermeier furniture was typically made with richly grained woods such as cherry, pear, ash and oak woods.

A new phenomenon of salons at home for debating and talking about the important matters of the day led to two types of Biedermeier furniture that were specific to this style. Upholstered sofas with an architectural shape and round pedestal tables for drinks and food were both created to support conversations at a gathering. Our beautiful wood furniture will be a wonderful addition to your home.

Biedermeier Furniture at

At, you'll find a variety of Biedermeier furniture, perfect for enhancing your interior design.

As far as table options go, we offer antique Biedermeier center tables, side tables and console tables. These would be a great addition to your living room, bringing the classic Biedermeier ornamentation to your home, with the durability you'd expect from quality antique furniture. 

Chests of Drawers

For your storage needs, we offer a Biedermeier chest of drawers, a piece that uses quality wood such as mahogany and fruitwood. A quality chest of drawers is a practical and pretty place to store valuables, bringing early 19th century style to your home. 

Dining Chairs

For your antique Biedermeier furniture seating needs, we offer dining chairs in this excellent style. Biedermeier chairs keep it simple, with clean lines in a walnut veneer that bring mid-19th century charm to your home. We also have Biedermeier side chairs available. Other Biedermeier pieces include Biedermeier consoles, dining tables, armoires and more. 

Check out our blog post for pictures and more info about this amazing style. 

Whether you're looking for chests of drawers, secretary desks, 20th century swagger or 19th century glamour, has what you need. The Biedermeier period is one of our favorite, and its emphasis on quality inlays and marquetry makes this style truly unique. Let these expert Austrian, Swedish, and Viennese cabinetmakers from centuries past adorn your home!  If you'd fancy something else, we offer other styles including but not limited to Art Nouveau, Georgian, and Regency.

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Biedermeier FAQ

01 Where did the term "Biedermeier" come from?

Following the Napoleonic sieges, the Biedermeier style flourished between 1825 and 1835, amid a period of economic hardship. Because it was based on the caricature "Papa Biedermeier," a comedic icon of middle-class ease, the name Biedermeier was disparaging.

02 What was innovative about Biedermeier style?

The wohnzimmer, or living room, was a Biedermeier innovation, as opposed to the usual formal salon. Improvements in the processes for wood veneer and bent wood enhanced the clean, beautiful lines of Biedermeier furniture.

03 What is the Biedermeier style?

Biedermeier style is all about simplicity. It is a furniture style that reflects the emergence of the middle class. Its focus on simplicity allows it to blend with all sorts of home decor.

04 When did the Biedermeier style originate?

Biedermeier furniture originated in the early 1800s. It was an affordable style that even middle and lower income people could afford!

05 What Biedermeier furniture is available at EuroLux?

At EuroLux, we have Biedermeier pieces ranging from tables to chairs and more. Maybe a Biedermeier sideboard, with its simplicity and durability could be the next family heirloom in your home.


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