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Antiques Buying Trip:  Homecoming

Antiques Buying Trip: Homecoming

Posted by Aimee Talbot on 24th May 2012

Here at, we look forward to antiques buying trips with great anticipation – what amazing things will we find?  This trip we had to upgrade to a larger container because we found so many beautiful pieces of antique furniture and 100+ unique vintage chandeliers.  However, by the end of the trip, we are always equally excited to go home and snuggle our fuzzy children.  Although the video footage is a little bumpy, we thought you might enjoy meeting our gang of five fuzzy babies.

Rudy is our oldest child at six and is a black lab/border collie mix that just showed up in our yard when he was such a tiny puppy that Greg was afraid an owl would get him.  We asked all around the neighborhood and put up fliers, but apparently he was destined to be ours.  He is named after Rudy Schenker, lead guitarist of The Scorpions, which is the world’s all-time best band according to Greg.  Greg is the all-time best human ever to have lived, according to Rudy.

We felt Rudy needed a friend, so five years ago we visited Pets, Inc., a local no-kill animal shelter, looking for a puppy friend.  However, instead of a puppy, a little orange tabby kitten purred so loudly that I heard him from across the room.  babyOzzyThe moment our eyes locked, I knew he was meant to be part of our brood.  Ozzy (guessing you can figure out he’s named for Ozzy Osbourne) was my Christmas present that year.  Even though his name is officially Ozzy, we call him Mr. Kittles most of the time.  He’s the one that gets so mad when we leave that he gives me “the profile” when we return.  After several rounds of kissing and apologizing, he forgives me and settles in to snuggle.


Although Rudy and Ozzy are best buddies, after another year, we felt Rudy might like someone with whom he could run around and tussle, so we went looking for another puppy.  This time we found Jake, a black lab/springer spaniel mix, at Pets, Inc.  Jake is named after Jake E. Lee (a guitarist that plays with Ozzy Osbourne) and thinks Rudy is the all-time best dog that has ever lived.  Jake shows Rudy how much he loves him by constantly licking his ears.  And the cats’ ears.  And our legs and feet.  And the floor, or the sofa if he happens to be laying on it (he’s allowed).  Jake is a little strange, but we love him anyway.

About a year after that, we happened to be cruising by the animal shelter.  babyMinkeyOzzy has always claimed me as his favorite human, and since Greg wanted a cat of his own, we stopped to look around.
We had never seen a sealpoint Siamese kitten at the shelter before, and Greg thought he was really pretty, so he came home too.  Although he was supposed to be named Klaus (for another band member of The Scorpions) that just didn’t stick.  What did stick was Minkey, because he looked like a little spider monkey.  Our little nephew pronounced monkey as minkey, and that’s how Minkey got his name – although he is sort of the same color as a mink and just as soft.  According to Minkey, I’m the all-time best human ever to have lived, although he definitely think humans are much lower in status than Siamese cats.  Obviously.


So we thought we were done having fuzzy babies, but two years ago we had an “oops”.  babyRoxyRoxy ran across the highway right in front of my truck when she was a little tiny kitty.  I stopped to see if she was okay and she came right to me.  She was covered with about a million fleas and was sure to get smooshed on the highway, so of course I had to bring her home.  Turns out she is a flamepoint Siamese (at least in part – maybe she was actually an oops that was put out on the highway?) and is an extreme extrovert.  She loves talking to customers at the EuroLux Antiques Gallery and considers herself the “Hostess with the mostest”.  MInkey&RoxyRoxy is named after the song Roxanne by The Police, because she didn’t have to put out her red light anymore.  Roxy is the all-time most beautiful cat ever to have lived, according to Minkey.  Roxy thinks Minkey is the worst thing (cat, dog, human or otherwise) ever to have lived and tells him so every day with a hiss.  Unless, of course, she feels like snuggling.


We didn’t mean to buy a zoo – it just happened.