Exploring Antique Furniture and Home Decorating Ideas
  1. Meet Our New Dog, Ernie!

    Meet Our New Dog, Ernie!

    Around the 4th of July holiday I said to Greg that we wouldn’t have any more dogs when the time comes that Rudy passes on.  (Rudy is 12 now and while he's still okay, he is getting pretty old and creaky.) Well, apparently the Universe thought that was funny! When we got home from the gym two days later, this...

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  2. French Heritage Furniture
    Antique Reproduction Furniture

    French Heritage Furniture

    We recently started carrying French Heritage furniture and deco. If you don’t find a piece you want in our antique French furniture, you can search the French Heritage furniture to see if there is a newly crafted antique-inspired item to your taste! As the name suggests, the French Heritage collection is perfect for anyone who likes traditional French style decor...

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  3. Scarborough House Custom Made Bookcases
    Client Spotlight

    Scarborough House Custom Made Bookcases

    Our customers Ken and Bettyann in Nantick, MA, sent us some great photos of the Scarborough House bookcases they bought from us.  The bookcases were custom-produced so they took some time to be made. Then came the day that the bookcases were delivered to Ken and Bettyann. To see other bookcases by this amazing company, you can check out our...

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  4. Bookshelf: Gardens of Style from Around the World
    Luxury Home Design

    Bookshelf: Gardens of Style from Around the World

    Now that we are deep into summer, I hope that these books about various gardens of style from around the world will help inspire you in your own garden! By now I hope your garden is blooming beautifully but if you want to look further afield for landscaping ideas, these recently published books are full of juicy images and inspiration...

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  5. Bright Pink Home Decor
    Luxury Home Design

    Bright Pink Home Decor

    It's time to break out a riot of color to show you some inspiration for decorating with bright pink! My last post was about Decorating with Light Pink so now we will ramp up the color level and show that although decorating with bright pink needs some thought, it is actually adaptable for many different spaces and styles of home decor...

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  6. Pink Decor: Some Decorating Ideas
    Luxury Home Design

    Pink Decor: Some Decorating Ideas

    I've been seeing a lot pink decor this summer. Sometimes people can be wary of decorating with pink because they fear it might look too girly or sugary, but in fact pink is an incredibly versatile shade that can be used in lots of sophisticated ways. Whether you like the subtlety of ballet slipper pink or the elegance of rose...

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  7. Antique French Brittany Buffet
    Client Spotlight

    Antique French Brittany Buffet

    We delivered an antique French Brittany buffet to our customers in Charleston, SC, last month. Debbie and Drew visited our Gallery recently as their daughter attends Bob Jones University in Greenville, and Newberry is on the way home to Charleston on I-26. They both immediately fell in love with many of the pieces in our Gallery but their lower ceilings...

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  8. How to Fix Scratches on Antique Furniture
    Antique Furniture Restoration

    How to Fix Scratches on Antique Furniture

    As part of our series on antique furniture restoration tips and tricks, I made this YouTube Video about how to easily fix wood blemishes, watermarks and scratches on antique furniture using furniture crayons. It is a question we hear quite often from friends and other people who have antique furniture. Perhaps they've accidentally scratched the wood moving the piece from...

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