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  1. Picking the Perfect Bedroom Dresser
    Luxury Home Design | Antique Furniture Styles

    Picking the Perfect Bedroom Dresser

    So you're renovating your bedroom. You've picked out a new bed that fits your color scheme, arranged your curtains, and decided what to do with your wall space-what's left? A bedroom dresser. Not only are dressers essential pieces of bedroom storage, providing plenty of room for clothes, but they're a great way to bring your space together. In this post...

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  2. How to Decorate Your Bedroom: A Guide
    Luxury Home Design | Antique Furniture Styles

    How to Decorate Your Bedroom: A Guide

    The average human spends more time in the bedroom than in any other space in the home. Quality interior design can ensure that that time is well spent! Everyone wants to sleep in style, to wake up in an immaculately decorated area. But with so many furniture and lighting options, the process of creating your perfect sleeping  can seem daunting...

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  3. Upholstered Bench Done Right
    Luxury Home Design

    Upholstered Bench Done Right

    Nothing can add comfort and style like a quality upholstered bench. Whether you're in the market for a tufted piece for your living room or a storage bench for entryway, you'll be impressed by the versatility of this furniture type. Picture this scenario: you're having company over, and are trying to figure out seating. You've got a set of chairs...

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  4. French Country Counter Stools
    Client Spotlight | Luxury Home Design | Antique Reproduction Furniture

    French Country Counter Stools

    We sold a customer a set of French Country counter stools and this is the result! Lisa from Sarasota, FL put them to good use. We love what she did with her kitchen area. Notice how well these counter stools match with her kitchen island countertop! The styling of these wooden bar stools blends well with her existing setup. Lisa...

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  5. Biedermeier Furniture: Characteristics, Design and Style
    Luxury Home Design | Antique Furniture Styles

    Biedermeier Furniture: Characteristics, Design and Style

    In this article, we dive into Biedermeier furniture's history, exploring its unique features and characteristics. We'll also look at what makes Biedermeier design stand out and offer tips for bringing Biedermeier-style pieces into your home. Originating in the early 1800s, Biedermeier furniture boasts a timeless elegance that continues to enchant homeowners, collectors, and designers. Its classic charm, streamlined lines, and...

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  6. Furniture Spotlight: Antique Sideboard
    French Antique Furniture

    Furniture Spotlight: Antique Sideboard

    Every once in a while, we get a high quality piece of furniture that we can't help but write about. This antique French sideboard is one of those pieces. This oak sideboard has everything we look for in a piece of antique furniture. It's sturdy. It's made of quality material. Its craftsmanship has withstood the test of time. For a...

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  7. Antique Sideboard, Louis XV
    French Antique Furniture | Client Spotlight

    Antique Sideboard, Louis XV

    Lavishly carved and very substantial, this superb antique Louis XV Rococo style antique sideboard is a direct import from France from one of our recent antique buying trips. Dating to around the late 19th century/early 20th century, the antique French piece of furniture in the Louis XV Rococo style is crafted in oak wood and it boasts the handsome patina of age...

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  8. 10 Expert Tips To Give Your House a Makeover On a Budget
    Luxury Home Design | Antique Furniture Restoration

    10 Expert Tips To Give Your House a Makeover On a Budget

    By Julia Weaver Since a lot of us are spending more time at home than ever before it’s easy to grow tired of the interior, no matter how much you used to love it. But whether you’re living in Atlanta or Dallas, or anywhere else, remodeling doesn’t come cheap. So sometimes small, low-budget upgrades are the best choice, and can even make the...

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