Bookcases, Shelves and Cabinets

Cabinets, Bookcases and Shelves

A quality antique shelf or bookcase is a great way to enhance your living room, dining room or bedroom. At, we have a massive selection of this home decor excellence. Why select an antique cabinet or bookcase? These are regal pieces of furniture. Not only do they provide the practical purpose of storage space via a quality display shelf, but they have the potential to make a statement and become the focal point of your space. Whether you're in the market for a rustic wall shelf with walnut shelving, or a bookshelf or wall cabinet that features antique brass, our selection is bound to impress. 

Quality Shelves

From floating shelf to wood shelf and entryway corner shelf, we've spent years compiling a collection of the best furniture on the market. Each shelving unit is crafted from the highest quality solid wood, so you know each of our antique and vintage shelves can do the job! These pieces are heavy duty and beautiful, so you won't want to miss out. Combine the rustic wood of these pieces with some quality lighting and wall decor and your room will truly begin to shine! 

We have a wide selection of styles available at your disposal. Maybe a Mid-Century or Art Deco piece is what you need- and we have plenty of vintage shelves to tickle this fancy! Maybe an antique white wooden shelf, crafted in the 19th century or early 20th century is what you need as a bathroom shelf. Other styles include French Country, Farmhouse style, Victorian, Danish, Chippendale, and many more!

Antique and Vintage Cabinets

Store your belongings in style with our selection of lovely cabinets. If you have dishes to display, we'd recommend going with one of our china cabinets featuring glass doors. One of the sideboard from our collection could function well as a display cabinet or storage cabinet. Maybe you're looking for a piece crafted from teak. Maybe your style is an armoire or wood hutch that features an antique oak finish. Or maybe a credenza or corner cabinet is the piece of antique furniture you've been longing for. From glass cabinets to bar cabinets, antique Victorian to Mid-Century modern, your options are virtually limitless. Some of these pieces also feature unique design choices, such as inlaid marble tops, drawer pulls and more. Feel free to reach out for support via our chat window, and one of the owners will reply shortly!

Bookcases, Shelves and Cabinets FAQ

01 How far apart should open shelves be?

The average distance between open or floating shelves in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom is 8 to 12 inches. A space of 7 to 15 inches between shelves, on the other hand, is acceptable. In bookshelves, shelves are typically 8 to 12 inches apart.

02 How high should floating shelves be in a living room?

Measure 10" above the back of the couch to place shelves above it. Measure 5-6 feet up from the floor when placing shelves on a hallway wall. Measure up 4-4.5 feet from the floor to put shelves on a dining room or living room wall.

03 Are upper or lower cabinets more expensive?

Upper cabinets are often more expensive than open shelf because they require additional materials. Keep in mind, though, that buying upper cabinets ready-to-assemble can save you a lot of money.

04 Do you need upper cabinets in a kitchen?

In terms of illumination, removing your upper kitchen cabinets can make a difference. Upper cabinets dim your workspace by casting shadows over your countertops. Without the upper cabinets, you may feel as if you have more counter space to work with. Upper cabinets might often be difficult to access.

05 What is the average height for a bookcase?

The majority of bookcases are three to eight feet tall. When picking a height, think about both aesthetic and practical considerations. Tall bookcases that take up the majority of a wall tend to appear more expensive and formal; however, shorter bookcases have the added benefit of providing an useful surface area on top.

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