Vintage French Bookcase: French Vintage Decor

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Vintage French Bookcase: French Vintage Decor

French vintage decor is always in style and it looks great in any kind of home. Whether you live in a city home or a country cottage, French vintage decor always looks comfortable and elegant and it lets you bring your own personal touch to your space. These new books are packed with inspiration to create a welcoming home with the charm of vintage French decor.  Nothing like a vintage French bookcase! And don't forget that you can buy vintage French furniture and home accents on our website, too! Curl up with a croissant and a café au lait to get you in the mood, and enjoy!

Vintage French Style: Homes and gardens inspired by a love of France

Vintage French Style

Interior designer Carolyn Westbrook shows her love of French style and vintage charm in this new book. She takes us on a tour of ten homes with vintage French style, including a fabulous chateau, a Mid-Century Modern interpretation,  and even her own family's Texan plantation home,

Mixing old and new is a basic element of making vintage style work successfully, and Westbrook also shows the reader how to combine and display your collections and precious items such as vintage store finds to inherited heirlooms.

French Accents: Farmhouse French Style for Today's Home

French accents Home Style"I love all things French," says author Anita Joyce.  "I love creating a relaxed home that is also graceful and beautiful, a place that embraces family and friends in a comfortable way while making them feel special and celebrated. I love all that goes into making a house a home. I love antiques, vintage items, rusty-crusty-chippy things, all things French, design, photography, writing, and spending time with my friends and family."

We agree with every word! In her new book, Anita Joyce shows how to create the warm elegance of classic French style, including a tutorial for making Joyce's own French bedspread!

French Vintage Decor: Easy and Elegant DIY Projects for Any Home

French Vintage Decor

Jamie Lundstrom gives us even more Do It Yourself projects to decorate our homes in true French vintage decor style.
The 70 clever and beautiful tutorials with lots of photos include how to make dried flower ornaments or a flower garland or display plants in a mock 'cast iron' planter. Perhaps you'd like to know how to crochet pillows packed with French appeal or make a baguette bag with a drawstring? Decoupage, drippy candles, rusted frames.... the author has many tricks to help you create your own rustic and vintage style French decor and add a little "Je ne sais quoi" to your home.

Vintage French Bookcases

A quality vintage French bookcase or bookshelf could also be a great way to enhance your living room or home office. Whether you choose an inlaid Louis Philippe piece, a Baroque or Napoleon III style creation, an Art Deco or French Country piece, or even a Louis XV style bookcase, you are bound to be impressed. The solid wood construction, combined with techniques such as inlays and marquetry, brings shabby chic in addition to storage space in your home. From oak bookcases with open shelves to Louis XVI rosewood pieces, you'll find that French furniture covers all the bases. Quality vintage shelving takes inspiration from antique French craftsmanship of the 19th century, with more modern touches such as adjustable shelves creating a perfect way to display your collectibles! You could even put one in your dining room for dinnerware.

french antique furniture antique bookcase interior design french country farmhouse antique decor
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