High Quality Furniture Brands

At, we carry a wide variety of high-quality furniture from high-quality furniture brands. From high end American vendors to luxurious European pieces, the solid wood crafting is sure to stand out as the pinnacle of quality. No matter which furniture company you choose, one thing is sure- the craftsmanship will make an impression. 

Quality Living Room Brands

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Brands FAQ

01 How can you identify high quality furniture?

The presence of wood grain is the most distinguishing aspect of real wood furniture. The grain of real wood furniture will always vary in pattern across the piece. It's most likely a veneer if the "wood grain" pattern repeats or looks to be flawlessly smooth.

02 What's the difference between a good furniture brand and a bad one?

Furniture of poor quality will wobble, twist, or creak. A good quality piece of furniture should be scratch resistant; if it dents readily, the furniture will not last very long. To test this, draw a line with your fingernail on an unexposed region and observe if it makes a visible depression.

03 How can I identify a high quality sofa?

The inner frame, support foundation, padding, and cushioning materials are the best indicators of high-quality upholstery.


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  1. Throw Pillow Needlepoint Normandie Large Cotton Velvet Wool Removable Insert

    SKU: MH-283

    15H x 28W x 5D

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  2. JOHN-RICHARD Chandelier 6-Light Antique Bronze Hand-Blown Glass Metal Blown

    SKU: JR-3769

    15H x 15W x 15D

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  3. JOHN-RICHARD Sculpture Selenite Brass Crystal

    SKU: JR-4260

    7H x 12W x 12D

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    SKU: JC-4084

    39H x 19.50W x 20.50D

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  5. JONATHAN CHARLES JC EDITED-SUSSEX EDITED Side Chair Accent Dining Casual Light

    SKU: JC-4238

    40.50H x 20.50W x 26.50D

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  6. KAYSON Dining Chair Black Deep Brown Iron Full-Grain Leather Bronze

    SKU: DT-8618

    32H x 18W x 17D

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  7. GARDNER Sideboard Vista Brown Gold Black Iron Acacia Bronze

    SKU: DT-7188

    34H x 73W x 18D

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  8. ABINGDON Chandelier Opaque Colored Polished Nickel Glass Fabric Silver Handmade

    SKU: DT-1094

    23H x 10W x 10D

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  9. Rug Multicolor Recycled Cotton Fabric Red Pink Blue 9x6 6x9

    SKU: DT-1246

    2H x 72W x 108D

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  10. ODISHA Rug 6x9 9x6 MultiColor Multi Recycled Cotton Fabric Pile Backing

    SKU: DT-1253

    108H x 72W x 2D

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  11. BRYANSTON Coffee Table Cocktail Powder Coat Antiqued Hand-Rubbed Gray Wash

    SKU: DT-1316

    18H x 55W x 31D

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  12. MAGNUS Bench Antiqued Natural Linen Upholstery Oak Frame Upholstered

    SKU: DT-2264

    19H x 59W x 16D

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Showing: 1-12 of 10617 results

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