Pendulux FAQ

01 What process does Pendulux use?

They?start by putting our ideas on paper, sketching out numerous versions of a potential product until they find something they?want to prototype. Then they choose the materials; their goods have included materials such as wood, high-grade aluminum, solid brass, nickel, glass, iron, and steel (none of that cheap plastic).

02 Are Pendulux products durable?

From design to sourcing materials to production to customer satisfaction, they take great delight in the full life cycle of Pendulux products. That's why they make everything they make, from lamps to clocks to accessories, with care and, more importantly, without compromising on quality, using long-lasting materials.

03 Why choose Pendulux products?

Pendulux products are not only durable, but beautiful as well. The quality is undeniable, and they can blend with a wide variety of styles.

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