Sarreid FAQ

01 Where is Sarried located?

Wilson, North Carolina is home to their corporate headquarters. We have a showroom in High Point, North Carolina, and they attend the High Point Markets in the Fall and Spring.

02 What products does Sarreid offer?

Sarreid offers an eclectic collection of furniture, tanging from seating, sideboards, tables and more. You can't go wrong with their collection.

03 Where can I find Sarreid products?

You can find Sarried products on their website, at furniture markets across the US, and at


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  1. SARREID Nightstand Marbleized Paper Inside Drawers Natural White Wood Canvas

    SKU: SA-3895

    28H x 25W x 17D

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  2. SARREID Coffee Table Cocktail Gold Leaf Rubbed Black Iron Dimpled Glass B

    SKU: SA-1104

    21H x 48W x 38D

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  3. SARREID Console Table

    SKU: SA-121

    35H x 60W x 12D

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  4. SARREID Dining Table Cognac Old Wood Reclaimed

    SKU: SA-2124

    30H x 63W x 37D

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  5. SARREID Cocktail Table Old Iron Driftwood Gold Leaf Parquetry Recycled Wood

    SKU: SA-2134

    18H x 65W x 35D

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  6. SARREID Books Faux Book Sizes Vary Partial Leather Paper On Boards Stitched

    SKU: SA-2169

    6H x 30W x 6D

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  7. SARREID Sideboard Vintage Pine Iron Bronze 6 -Door 3 -Shelf Removable

    SKU: SA-2222

    35H x 78W x 16D

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  8. SARREID Etagere Dark Aged Tobacco Bamboo Appearance Solid Walnut 2 -Draw

    SKU: SA-2262

    58H x 25W x 11D

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  9. SARREID Bench Natural Oak Beige Woven Cane American Linen Upholstery Fabr

    SKU: SA-2459

    18H x 78W x 18D

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  10. SARREID Dining Table Umbria Solid Knotty Oak

    SKU: SA-2605

    30H x 54W x 54D

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  11. SARREID Dining Table Ebony Black Solid Walnut

    SKU: SA-2703

    30H x 54W x 54D

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  12. SARREID Cocktail Table Fruitwood Cast Iron Reclaimed Wood Recycled

    SKU: SA-2740

    18H x 45W x 31D

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Showing: 1-12 of 64 results

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