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Terracotta Designs Lighting FAQ

01 What makes Terracotta Designs special?

Elegant design is defined by subtlety, charm, and mystery. The quest of a transcendent degree of quality is what defines Terracotta Designs' collections.

02 Where does Terracotta Designs draw their inspiration?

Their lights draw from past preferences and embody the older classics with an ephemeral liveliness found nowhere else, inspired by the eclectic revival of great craftsmanship and streamlined, modern forms.

03 Is Terracotta Designs inspired by French decor?

Terracotta Design's designs are inspired by the natural beauty of rustic elegance, combining natural light with d?cor and fixtures. The subtle pleasures of country living are combined with timeless French-inspired design in their antique-style collections.


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  1. Pendant Terracotta Lighting Adreana Type C Smoky Gray Glass Iron Nickel

    SKU: TC-119

    19H x 13W x 13D

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  2. Chandelier Terracotta Lighting Ballerina Crystals Iron 5-Light Pretty Romantic

    SKU: TC-12

    31.10H x 26.50W x 26.50D

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  3. Table Lamp Terracotta Lighting Antium Almond Linen Shade Iron Base 1-Light

    SKU: TC-120

    32H x 17W x 11D

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  4. Table Lamp Terracotta Lighting Croton Classical Vase Base Iron Beige 1-Light

    SKU: TC-121

    33H x 16W x 16D

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  5. Table Lamp Hasta Terracotta Lighting Sienna Brown Bronze Iron Linen 1-Light

    SKU: TC-122

    28H x 17W x 11D

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  6. Table Lamp Nora Terracotta Lighting Classical Column Base Iron Beige 1-Light

    SKU: TC-123

    31H x 17W x 11D

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  7. Table Lamp Terracotta Lighting Perusia Bronze Brown Iron Linen Shade 1-Light

    SKU: TC-125

    25H x 15W x 10D

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  8. Table Lamp Suasa Terracotta Lighting Classic Vase Base Bronze Iron 1-Light

    SKU: TC-126

    31H x 17W x 17D

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  9. Wall Sconce Oriana Terracotta Lighting Beige Brown Bronze Iron 1-Light

    SKU: TC-127

    26H x 12W x 7D

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  10. Wall Sconce Arietta Terracotta Lighting Romantic Gold Iron 2-Light Candles

    SKU: TC-129

    26H x 14W x 7D

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Showing: 1-12 of 97 results

Set Descending Direction