Chandeliers: Some of Our Favorites

Vintage Lighting Fixtures mid-century modern dovetail furniture chandelier vintage
Chandeliers: Some of Our Favorites

EuroLuxHome.com is proud to offer a wide variety of antique style chandeliers, as well as vintage chandeliers. Let's go over some of our favorites!

These lighting fixtures bring a little more pizazz than your average ceiling lights. They can create the feeling of a 19th century mansion, or give off a vibe of Mid-Century elegance. With so many different types, there's a chandelier out there for every decor style!

8-arm French Chandelier

This magnificent vintage French 8-arm chandelier is an excellent choice if you want your vintage lighting to seem extremely truly old. The attractively constructed chandelier, which dates from 1950, has eight curved S-shaped arms, each of which supports a traditional style candlestick holder for the glittering electric candles. The gorgeous burnished tones of the metal chandelier will give your antique themed dining room a really original air, but don't neglect the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful vintage French chandelier in your Traditional style bedroom or corridor.

Vintage French Chandelier in Antique Brass Metal

There be Dragons!

Wooden Chandelier with Carved Dragons

Dragons abound! This magnificent vintage chandelier from France, dating from the 1950s, is exquisitely carved in wood, giving the arms the appearance of mythological monsters, ocean serpents, or dragons. The five arms of this stunning vintage French chandelier include metal embellishments on the unusual angular shaped bulbs. The mythical monsters have a beautiful feeling of movement, and the carving on the central column provides a decorative touch. This lovely vintage 1950 French chandelier is enhanced by the patina on the old wood. If you like themed chandeliers, check out this sailing ship chandelier!

Bayfield Antique Silver Chandelier with Glass Pendants by Dovetail

Dovetail Chandelier

This new Dovetail Bayfield chandelier's striking and unusual design will elicit numerous compliments from your friends and family. Dovetail Furniture's Bayfield chandelier features antiqued glass pendants suspended from an aged silver frame. The frame is made of iron, making it durable in everyday usage and appealing to the eye. There are 11 lights in the chandelier. In your bedroom, dining room, living room, or hallway, the antiqued glass pendants will make a striking effect with their sleek geometric form.

More Chandeliers at EuroLuxHome.com

Whether your style favors Art Deco crystal chandeliers, Italian glass chandeliers or a Victorian wrought iron/cast iron piece, there's something out there for you. Our personal favorites are early and mid 20th century pieces. These vintage and antique chandeliers are often crafted from quality materials such as antique bronze and antique brass. 

At EuroLuxHome.com, we have a wide selection of lighting for your home decor. From candelabras to sconces, cut crystal ceiling lamps to pendant chandeliers and other antique lighting, we've got something for everyone. 

mid-century modern dovetail furniture chandelier vintage
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