Chelsea House


Chelsea House is the decorative home accessories label of Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture. Every Chelsea House furniture accessory is crafted with the elegance, sophistication, craftsmanship that you would expect from a company with such an excellent family tree!

We carry a wide range of Chelsea House lamps and chandeliers, vases, trays, bowls, mirrors, wall art, statues and other decorative accessories.

What makes Chelsea House special?

Chelsea House furniture boasts a classic design, often drawing on antique style decorative accents from centuries past. These home furnishings are made for people with high standards and are always delightful, sure to impress your guests with their elite design and beauty.

Chelsea House accessories look upscale and opulent, but they are never ostentatious. For example, silver leaf and gold leaf makes a mirror frame or a cocktail table glow with understated luxury.

Hand-crafted modern home accents give each piece a timeless and unique grace. Hand-painted ceramics include floral porcelain vases that are so luscious and lifelike, that you can almost smell the fragrance of the painted flowers!

What Chelsea House product should I choose?

Whether you choose a superbly crafted jewelry box or a picture frame, a vase, a beautiful lithograph, a sculpture or a candlestick, you know that it will bring joy to your loved one's life for years. If you're looking to add light to a room, consider a chandelier or lamp for exquisite lighting. Whether you're looking to bring a fresh attitude of sophistication to a space, or looking to add warmth to your living room or guest room, chances are that you'll find something in Chelsea House's extensive line to suit your needs. There is a piece for every situation.

One of the most popular Chelsea House collections is the Lisa Kahn Collection, created by the well-known interior designer. Lisa Kahn's look is fresh, graceful and sure to create a serene atmosphere, and she brings her magic touch to Chelsea House pieces including chandeliers, cocktail tables and mirrors. This collection of lighting and decor is certain to add a renewed sense of elegance to your home.

Pamper yourself with the decorative details that will make home feel like home and make every visitor feel welcome! The high-quality elegance of every Chelsea House home accessory will bring the perfect finishing touch to your space. We have high standards at, and the Chelsea House name always meets them. 

Chelsea House FAQ

01 Why is Chelsea House considered a great brand?

Chelsea House is not about passing trends; instead, they are rooted in classic style with a dynamic, new approach for today's life. We all know that true beauty is timeless. The Chelsea House name remains one of the most sought-after names in home furnishings due to its high standards in both quality and refinement.

02 What makes Chelsea house different from other brands?

The Chelsea House name remains one of the most sought-after names in home furnishings due to its high standards in both quality and refinement.

03 Does Chelsea House offer high quality furniture?

Chelsea House furniture is a very high quality furniture. There's a reason it's one of the most sought-after brands.

04 Does EuroLux offer Chelsea House furniture?

EuroLux offers a wide variety of Chelsea House furniture. Browse our collection today!

05 Where is Chelsea House headquartered?

Chelsea House, which has been headquartered in North Carolina since 1974, is still a family-owned firm that thinks that hospitality is still crucial, that nothing replaces hand-craftsmanship, and that business is still best done among friends.