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Chests, Dressers and Trunks

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Antique Chests, Dressers, & Trunks

At, we've got a wide variety of antique trunks and other storage trunks available for purchase. Whether you're looking for a piece with leather handles, a vintage trunk crafted from the finest materials, or a flat top trunk dating to the 19th century, we've got what you need. From living room to dining room, round top storage box to vintage style wooden boxes, we have a quality selection. 

At their core, decorative boxes are an essential part of your interior design. When people think of their home decor, they think of their entryways and living rooms, and the furniture that goes with them. But one often overlooked part of decor is the storage aspect of your space. You'll need a place to put things! Fortunately, at, we can fill this need in style. 

Quality Antique Trunks

You will be amazed by the quality of our storage merchandise. The quality wood used to create these works of art can be a great match with your coffee table and other home furniture. These can function as a document box, treasure chest, or storage chest for your collectibles! One thing is sure- whether you choose a steamer trunk, leather trunk, metal trunk, trunk chest or wardrobe trunk.

The materials used to craft these luxury decor options are a large reason why they are so high-quality. Not only do the materials dazzle their viewers, but also provide a certain durability to your home-decor. These materials include brass hardware, black metal, faux leather, and many other vintage antique delights. Some of our other wooden chests feature a marble top. This provides extra sturdinessThese pieces are crafted to impress, and crafted to last, so get yours today! 

Antique Chests

Like the rest of our antique furniture, a quality antique chest of drawers is sure to impress. From cedar chests to blanket chests to wooden trunks, these pieces guarantee you'll be surrounded by quality and functionality. The antique style brought by these excellent pieces of home decor is unmatched, and is sure to enhance any space. 

We have a wide variety of styles available. Maybe a Victorian or Chippendale piece is what you need. Perhaps some Georgian elegance can benefit your home. Maybe you'd like to step into the 20th century with our Mid-Century Modern decor. 

We've got the furniture to enhance your home. Browse our selection of storage solutions today to find your next favorite piece!