China & Display Cabinets

China and Display Cabinets

If you are searching for handsome china cabinets or display cabinets, we can help you find the perfect china cabinet for your home. Perhaps you need an attractive place to store your fine china, or your collection of whatnots - we have the widest selection of antique and vintage style display cabinets in South Carolina. Antique style china cabinets are often heavily carved and look fantastic in combination with other antique furniture, while new display cabinets come in a range of styles and sizes to suit all decors. Let us know how we can help you find the ideal china cabinet or display cabinet! 

From a piece with glass doors to display dinnerware in your dining room, or a sideboard with a hutch for your living room, has the quality antique furniture to enhance your home. 

Accent Cabinets, Curio Cabinets and more! 

Whether you're in the market for a bookcase to store collectibles, or a display case with glass shelves to place your glassware, we've got you covered. Many piece feature clean lines and adjustable shelves, allowing your shelving to be used in more ways than one! We offer pieces with double doors to the display space, meaning that the front doors swing wide on these pieces of furniture! With quality materials such as solid woods like pine wood and natural woodgrains, you know you're getting quality. Each piece of furniture features the type of styling you'd expect from master craftsmanship. From retro glass cabinets for your home office to storage cabinets for your entryway, has the pieces for you. 

High-Quality Storage Furniture

Whether you're in the market for a china hutch, a door cabinet for silverware storage or a quality armoire with sliding doors, is the place to look. Your dining room furniture, such as dining tables, deserves to be complemented by quality storage furniture. Regardless of your desired number of drawers and number of shelves, we've got the pieces to meet your needs. From special offers and traditional china cabinets, to traditional style wood cabinets with a quality wood finish, we'd love to help you find your next favorite piece of furniture!

Antique Furniture At

We have the quality furniture to enhance your storage space. But that's not all we offer! Our best sellers include table tops, a bookshelf, file cabinets, cabinet doors and many other quality home decor options. Find your forever piece on our online store today!

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  1. Display Cabinet ALOHA Antique White Reclaimed Pine

    SKU: DT-7903

    102H x 79W x 22D

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  2. Display Cabinet PETER Beige Poplar Pine 3 -Shelf

    SKU: ZT-1229

    90.50H x 78W x 22D

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  3. Display Cabinet TRISTAO Charcoal Wood 3 -Shelf

    SKU: ZT-1230

    67.50H x 91.50W x 21.25D

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  4. Display Cabinet DENNIS Charcoal Pine Poplar 2 -Shelf

    SKU: ZT-1153

    90H x 53W x 33D

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  5. Display Cabinet JACQUES Beige Wood 3 -Shelf

    SKU: ZT-3126

    93H x 41W x 19D

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  6. Display Cabinet FLORENCE Chestnut Oak Alder

    SKU: ZT-847

    91H x 36W x 20D

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  7. Display Cabinet TONNY Charcoal Poplar Pine 3 -Shelf Fixed

    SKU: ZT-1326

    91H x 58.50W x 15D

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Showing: 1-12 of 48 results

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