Chippendale style furniture is some of the most famous antique furniture in the world. Today, the originals are very rare outside of museums and they are extremely expensive. However, we work with furniture makers who make superb new pieces of furniture that reproduce this desirable style to a very high quality.

Thomas Chippendale was an English cabinetmaker in the 18th century. He was the son of a carpenter and he became famous for his furniture in the Georgian era, the designs of which included influences that were popular at the time such as English style, Gothic style, Rococo, Neoclassical and Chinoiserie. He adapted existing styles to suit the fashionable trends of the time among the movers and shakers of English society. His wealthy customers commissioned furniture from him by choosing from a kind of early version of a catalogue that he created to show them all the available options. He was very ahead of his time! He also became the first maker to have a style named after him, whereas before they had been named after a monarch. 

His beautifully crafted custom-made pieces were often made from mahogany or oak, with detailed carving. In America, Chippendale style furniture was the primary style until the 1770s. In America, the more typical woods used were cherry wood or pine. The English chairs often drew on Queen Anne styles and he loved the curvy cabriole leg! He was known for his chairs with yoke shaped top rails, intricate pierced details on back splats and ribbon carvings. In America, his Queen Anne influence were often seen in the design of the chair back splats and these chairs often had a more exaggerated cabriole shape.  Highboy chests of drawers or chest-on-stand designs were also typical of North American furniture makers at the time. Similarly, they added an innovation that was not usually done in England: The design detail of a slight concave curve on the front of cabinets, which creates an attractive shape.

Browse handsomely-crafted new reproduction Chippendale chairs, chests, tables, nightstands and cabinets in our store, which is made by superb furniture experts such as Jonathan Charles, Woodbridge, and Stanley Furniture.

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