Antique French Hunting Nightstand

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Antique French Hunting Nightstand

Our creative customer Sarah K, in Seattle, WA, bought an antique French Hunting nightstand from us, but she had other plans for this lovely piece rather than put it in the bedroom. Sarah placed the French Renaissance Hunting style nightstand in her living room and we think that's a great idea. When Sarah sent us these photos of the nightstand in her home, she said, "We love it!" We do too!

Antique French Hunting style nightstand

An antique nightstand or bedside table works beautifully as an end table, side table or accent table or as a hall table or plant stand. The cupboard provides storage and the drawer also gives you space to slip small items like coasters or perhaps your remote controls. The two levels offer plenty of space for your bedtime reading and other nighttime necessities, but if you are not using the cabinet in the bedroom then that shelf provides space for a stack of magazines or to display a pretty bowl or small collectibles.

Antique French Nightstand

An Elegant Living Room

This photo shows more of Sarah's elegant living room. I love how she ties the room together with blue and green in the sofa, blanket, pillow, painting, house plant, and also that little decorative blue bowl!  This angle also shows off the decorative appeal of the barley twists on the nightstand. They give a structural look that is quite noble. The lower cabinet is framed with carved swirls and the cupboard door is accented by a square panel.

Antique French Hunting Nightstand cabinet

This gives the full gorgeous effect from the other direction! We actually have a similar antique French Hunting nightstand in the store at time of writing, so if you are interested in snapping it up for yourself, get in touch soon and ask for item number 18-16!

Sarah is not the only customer who took a creative approach to her antique nightstand. Our customer Kathleen G.  in Arcadia, OK, uses her Henry II nightstand in the kitchen. You can see how well that works in our blog post Creative New Use for Antique Nightstand.

An antique nightstand would be a great way to spice up your bedroom furniture. A solid wood, 2-drawer nightstand is attractive and convenient. Whether you choose a 19th century inspired Victorian piece or a 20th century Art Deco piece, you'll be impressed. Other popular bedside cabinet or wood nightstand styles include French Country, Louis XVI, Louis Philippe, Regency and Louis XV style. Each of these high quality home decor styles could be your next favorite piece of furniture. Not only does a beautiful antique bedside piece look great, but it also brings storage space and accessibility.

Modern and Antique Nightstands

For a more modern nightstand with a storage drawer, we'd recommend the Mid-Century Modern style to create a retro vibe. There are many Scandinavian options available in this style. From espresso to white nightstands, acacia to black nightstands, there's something out there for everyone.

Thank you Sarah for sending photos of your lovely home and we hope you enjoy using the antique French Hunting nightstand for many years.

french antique furniture hunting furniture interior design antique nightstands
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