Catalan Dining Chairs and Parquet Table

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Catalan Dining Chairs and Parquet Table

We were delighted to ship this wonderful new set of Catalan dining chairs and matching Catalan dining table to LeeAnn K. in Wickenburg, AZ. We were even more delighted when she sent us a photo of the dining set in her home!

Catalan Spanish style dining chair LeeAnn ordered five of the Catalan dining chairs from us, The antique-inspired chair is very handsomely crafted with a solid wood construction that has a distressed walnut finish. The wood is complemented by an oatmeal linen back with a classic tufted upholstery design and a leather upholstered seat.  The combination of leather and linen looks luxurious and a bold nailhead trim also adds to the traditional appeal.

Curvy X-shaped stretchers crowned with a bold finial make this chair a beauty from top to toe, while the finial and the flourish of the scroll legs gives an architectural look. Although newly crafted, the Catalan chair truly looks as if it belongs in a noble house in the heart of Old World Europe!

Catalan Spanish style dining table

Catalan Dining Table

LeeAnn also ordered the Catalan dining table from us. The dining table with an antiqued walnut finish stands on a shapely pedestal that is a great complement to the skirted top. The sturdy table has a round top with an unusual parquet design forming the petals of a flower. As you can see from this bird's eye view of the table top, the attractive geometric floral parquet adds great visual and textural interest.

Catalan Spanish style table with parquet top

When LeeAnn sent us the photo of the Catalan table and chairs in her home, she added a note: "The table and chairs arrived today and look so beautiful... Thank you for helping us with this amazing purchase."

Catalan Spanish style Table & Chairs in a room setting

Catalan Chairs and Decor Done Right

You are very welcome, LeeAnn... any time! And we love the way the Catalan set looks in your home - it is stunning! The whole effect has an Old World feel, especially as you have chosen such a terrific chandelier to hang over the table, which really ties the whole look together. We imagine that you will enjoy many sumptuous feasts with friends and family gathered around! To learn about our selection of antique kitchen furniture, you can check out our post here!

An Enticing Style

Catalan dining and lounge chairs are among our favorite types. Despite the name, they're quite popular across all of Europe- you might even find one in a German pavilion. Whether these pieces are crafted with a chrome-plated or stainless steel frame, you'll find that these iconic chairs are made with elite craftsmanship. This furniture design can also blend well with Mid-Century Modern interior design schemes. While they aren't entirely minimalist, like much modern furniture, they aren't so flashy that they can't blend. You'll also find that these pieces feature a fine black leather upholstery, offering comfort at any seat height.

Catalan Chairs at EuroLuxHome.com

Whether it's a Catalan coffee table with clear glass or a dining table, you're bound to be impressed. At EuroLuxHome.com, we have a wide Catalan collection in stock. These pieces combine old school delights with modern design to enhance your dining room and living room furniture. Quality materials ensure long-term durability.

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antique style dining table antique dining chairs antique reproductions renaissance furniture victorian decor
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