Charming Cottage Style

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Charming Cottage Style

We met Lenore and John M. at the Antique Tobacco Barn in Asheville, NC, while we were there restocking our booth. Lenore and John recently purchased a very charming cottage in Sapphire, NC, that dates to the turn of the century and sits next to a babbling brook.

Antique French Hunting BuffetLenore fell in love with two buffets in our booth and then went on our website and found a beautiful set of chairs to match!

Lenore wanted an impressive buffet for the open dining area to fit with the rustic nature of the exposed logs in the mountain cabin.

I think the antique Hunting Buffet makes an excellent choice! The stunning carved scene of a hunter and stag on the upper cabinet makes this antique French Henry II buffet a work of art as well as a beautiful piece of furniture. The two lower cabinet doors are carved with mythical, dragon-like creatures.
Antique French Carved Henry II BuffetHere is the 8-feet-tall antique Henry II style oak buffet in Lenore's home. Made in France in 1920, the buffet makes an eye-catching statement with practical storage and serving space. Vintage French Chairs

Peeking into the bottom of the photo you can see the vintage French Renaissance dining chairs Lenore chose.

The set of six French Renaissance dining chairs was made in about 1930. The vintage chairs are beautifully upholstered in red and cream brocade and the spiral turning on the oak legs adds another decorative detail.

Let's take a better look at the vintage chairs together with the antique buffet in Lenore's dining area...

antique French dining chairs Renaissance

Doesn't it look amazing? The red patterned upholstery on the antique Renaissance style chairs adds a pop of color and provides comfortable seating around the long plank-top dining table.

Vintage French Buffet Louis XVI CarvedLenore also chose a pretty Louis XVI buffet for the master bedroom. The vintage French buffet is carved with delightful ribbons, floral designs and coats of arms. The unusual vintage buffet with a rich golden patina on the aged oak was crafted in France in 1930 and nearly the entire front is carved in with beautiful detail. Lenore saw that the mirrored doors and open display shelves of this sideboard made it the perfect candidate for a subtle French translation.... she got creative and turned it into a piece of bedroom furniture!

What a magnificent and unique dresser, with so much space to tuck away your jewels and silk scarves and other favorite pieces of clothing.

Louis XVI antique sideboard bedroomThe bedroom is just off a sitting room with a large fireplace - a wonderful place to enjoy a bottle of wine! The four poster bed is also an antique that came from the personal collection of the original owner of the Grove Park Inn in Asheville. We think the feminine elements on the Louis XVI buffet in combination with the gorgeous four-poster bed combine to make a very romantic master bedroom indeed.

We love it when our customers get creative with using antique furniture in their homes.
Many thanks to Lenore and John for inviting us into your lovely home for a tour!

louis XVI furniture french antique furniture antique buffet antique sideboard antique dining chairs antique beds french country farmhouse antique decor renaissance furniture victorian decor
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