Hand-Painted Mantle Clock Made In America

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Hand-Painted Mantle Clock Made In America

When our customer Fredrick A. in Hartwell, GA, bought a new hand-painted mantle clock from us created by OK Casting, he didn't just love the style of the clock, he also appreciated the fact that the clock was made in America.

American made Mantle clock camel back hand paintedThis is the new mantle clock made by OK Casting. The clock is a classic camelback design that brings a lovely sense of nostalgia to any room. These custom-made clocks, along with other OK Casting products, are hand-made and painted at the time of order. It's a custom-made product and each one is going to be unique! The high-quality new clock has a battery-operated quartz movement and it is cast in a resin that looks fantastically authentic.

Here you can see the mantle clock on Fredrick's mantle. It looks so warm and inviting and we love the Christmas stockings hanging above the cozy fire!  This looks like a great place to celebrate the true spirit of Christmas!

A Beautiful Mantle Clock

Army Veteran Fredrick said: " The clock is absolutely beautiful. I also love the fact that the clock was made right here in America and built by Americans, I will cherish this clock for decades to come and I am super proud to display it on my mantle."

That's awesome! We are so delighted to hear that, Fredrick, and thank you for sending us the photo of the OK Casting clock in your wonderful home.

In addition to clocks, OK Casting offers many delightfully designed home accessories. Each hand-crafted American resin OK Casting piece is custom-made to order and they make great gifts for others or as an addition to your own home. The pieces also look far more expensive than their very reasonable price point! The collection includes candlesticks, boxes, bookends and sculptures, as well as lighting from ceiling lamps and chandeliers to table lamps, wall lamps and sconces.  You can browse the entire OK Casting collection on our website at this link. 

American Made Excellence

Merry Christmas, Fredrick, and we hope that your OK Casting Made-in-America mantle clock continues to  bring you joy for many years to come!

Not only is this mantle clock or table clock a great way to enhance your home decor, but it's also a great way to support American creators! This time piece would make a great desk clock in your home office, or as an eye-catcher in your living room! We have a wide variety of these table clocks available on our online store.

Mantle Clocks at EuroLuxHome.com

From Howard Miller pieces to things that chime, pieces with arabic numeral, black roman numerals or retro pieces with convex glass, we've got you covered. Even in today's digital age, there is still room for analog clocks! These solid wood pieces of Americana are among our best sellers. Maybe a tabletop clock with glass crystals or an inlay is what you need. From espresso colored wood to rosewood to windsor cherry, we ensure that each piece has a quality finish.

These pieces are a great fit in any room, even the bedroom. We wrote a post here about the finer points of bedroom decor. Feel free to stop by!

Styles for Everyone

Styles include Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Victorian, Tambour style and more. We also offer wall clocks, grandfather clocks and alarm clocks. If antique clocks are your forte, we have a wide variety of antique French and vintage clocks. They still tick right on time despite their age! These 19th century and 20th century collectibles are a great way to incorporate antique style into your home. From American clocks to European pieces, antique desk clocks  with beautiful marquetry, EuroLuxHome.com has what you need.

ok casting products antique european clocks american mantle clock interior design antique furniture stores
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