Louis Philippe Sideboard

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Louis Philippe Sideboard

Rod and Vicki F. in Centerton, AR, sent some spectacular photos of the new Louis Philippe sideboard they bought from us. This high-quality, antique-inspired Louis Philippe sideboard  is crafted in solid wood with a wonderful dark rustic pecan finish.  Louis Philippe furniture is always simple and elegant. Whether it's an armoire, sleigh bed, bookcase, or headboard with a cherry finish, we've found this style always brings a relaxed and comfortable feel, which is especially wonderful for your dining room or living room! Here's a photo of the sideboard:

Sideboard Philippe Dark Rustic PecanWith four doors and four drawers, the sideboard provides plenty of storage. You will also notice the wonderful French cremone hardware that gives this piece an authentic French accent! The sideboard measures nearly eight feet long at 93 inches long, so it is quite an impressive piece of furniture as well as a very practical one that provides a great deal of storage.

Rod and Vicki say they are thrilled with the sideboard. That lovely leather chair looks like a perfect spot to curl up with a bourbon and a good book in front of the fire!

Sideboard Louis Philippe

A Quality Sideboard

In general the Louis Philippe style is quite unfussy and with little ornamentation, but it puts the emphasis on the beauty of the wood and its grain, especially darker woods. The style harks back to the 19th century, and the reign of Louis Philippe between 1830 to 1848. The simpler lines create a sense of subtle and refined luxury. The Louis Philippe style works perfectly in Rod and Vicki's home.  I love their wood floors and how beautifully the wood furniture and leather chairs and ottoman work with the flooring. It all looks very smart and luxurious but also welcoming and relaxed.

Thanks Rod and Vicki and we hope you continue to enjoy your Louis Philippe sideboard! This style contains lots of other enticing furniture. Maybe a chest of drawers, carved into dark wood with a marble top is what you need. We have all sorts of Louis Philippe mahogany and walnut pieces for sale.  Other styles include Art Deco, Mid-Century, Louis XVI and many other enticing antique French styles, each in good condition. Maybe a bedroom set, including a drawer nightstand and drawer dresser is what you need. You will find that everything in our selection is in good condition. Other options include dining tables, footboards, and all sorts of other bedroom furniture!

antique sideboard antique reproductions louis philippe style interior design
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