Sailing Ship Crystal Chandelier

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Sailing Ship Crystal Chandelier
Among the antique and vintage chandeliers that we sell, we also sell many gorgeous new chandeliers and our best-selling new chandelier of all time is this stunning sailing ship crystal chandelier.   Our customer Konnee in Malabar, FL, recently bought one of the chandeliers and sent photos of it in her home, so we can see exactly why this beauty is so popular! Crystal Ship ChandelierThis is the large crystal ship chandelier, measuring more than 30 inches long. The  high-quality chandelier is terrifically detailed and lavishly adorned with glass crystals, along with six lights, some glass elements and antiqued bronze metal. Every time we get new stock in of the chandelier it sells out quickly because so many people love it for its exceptional sparkle and unique character.  If you click through on the crystal ship chandelier on sale on our website and it shows as out of stock, email or call us anyway, and we'll make sure that you are first in line when we receive new stock in a few weeks! crystal ship chandelier in dining room

Dining Room Crystal Chandelier

Here is the chandelier in Konnee's Florida home. She decided to hang it in her dining room, but this fixture could fit in a living room or bedroom as well. "I love it," Konnee wrote to us. "I knew I would and it looks great." We agree! It especially looks terrific against Konnee's wood ceiling, which evokes the wood timbers of a ship on the high seas! Here is another angle on the ship crystal chandelier in Konnee's dining room. Look at how brilliantly it shines with all the crystal! It looks amazing, and we're glad that she sent the photos. You can really see just how spectacular the sailing ship light looks in real life-the style of the glass creates a feeling that this ship is approaching the harbor. It is the perfect finishing touch for a summer coastal cottage or a cabin on the lake, and a great choice for any nautical themed decor. It will brighten up any room, whether you want to say "ahoy matey" in a beach themed bathroom, create a talking point and focal point in a living room, or welcome guests with a jaunty piece of decor in your foyer.

A Beautiful Chandelier

Quality ceiling fixtures provide the lighting that is capable of making antique furniture shine. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that lighting often makes or breaks a piece of furniture. The ways that light reflects the color of the wood, or how crystal drops can bring a sparkle to a room, is an essential aspect to consider for your room. At EuroLuxHome.com, we've got a variety of options and would love to help you find your perfect chandelier. Whether it's a bronze, glass, or Murano chandelier, chances are we've got something for you. For your other lighting needs, we can provide sconces, a candelabra, a lamp, and much more, all featuring the type of quality craftsmanship that interior designers drool over. For more on chandeliers, check out our guide here for everything you need to know about these majestic light fixtures.

Crystal Chandeliers at EuroLuxHome.com

Our selection of ceiling lighting at EuroLux is immense. Whether you're in the market for a new chrome piece or antique mini chandelier, we've got what you need. Consider a flush mount piece for your entryway, which will make a statement to your guests. Maybe a dimmable piece over your kitchen island is what your home decor needs. Regardless of your preferred pendant lights or number of lights, chances are we have a multicolor piece in our collection that can blend with your ceiling fans or other lighting. Many of our new arrivals, such as modern chandeliers, feature a sleek light design better geared towards modern homes. Best sellers include our polished chrome, Mid-Century Modern chandeliers.

Quality Materials

All of our pieces are crafted from the highest quality materials. These include clear glass, brushed nickel, cut crystal and clear crystal, wrought iron and many more to provide your home with true glam.

Seeing the crystal sailing ship chandelier complement Konnee's interior decor has made my day, and put a smile on my face, which is what beautiful and unique light fixture should always do. It's also put me in the mood for spending a nice relaxing time by the ocean. Greg... when can we leave for summer vacation?

chandelier vintage ship chandelier antique decor nautical items
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